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Before: https://archive.is/ACi92

Investigators have closed off several blocks as they seek the third suspect, described as a 5-foot-11 black male, with a dark complexion, weighing 250 pounds and wearing a black jacket, glasses and a Seattle Seahawks ski cap.

After: https://archive.is/0x05T

Investigators closed off several blocks as police cruisers flooded the area, closing streets, and officers warned people to stay away.

Funny how they cut out the description all of a sudden.

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No wonder I couldn't find it.

Notice how carefully they always refer to them as suspects, only giving two of their genders as other information. It's like the "journalist" knows that they have to keep their eyes down and say things properly.

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At this point, just assume 'suspect' means black. That's what I do and it has't failed me thusfar.

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Nice catch! Thank you for doing this.

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Oh, they updated the article because they killed the suspect. Still....

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As far as I can tell, the described person was the third suspect who is alive.

What isn't clear is if that is the cleared suspect or not. Looking through again, I'm guessing the black man was the cleared suspect.

What isn't clear is if the one who barricaded themself int he building and died was actually a male, because of the pronoun, or if that was just a pronoun used. They mention a women once and don't specify any further information about her.

Which is why this article is ludicrous. They don't indicate that the article was changed or edited: they don't indicate how the story has changed or evolved. The entire thing is convoluted and confusing. AKA people will have completely different stories and not know they're being deceived by bad and/or duplicitous journalism...

Nice catch on that difference, I didn't even notice since I was focused on the loss of the description of the 3rd suspect.

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I'm actually surprised that they mentioned the race at all. This being Seattle and all

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They'll prolly be fired for it later

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It isn't mentioned anymore. Looks like they must have realized that someone snuck in a description of the perp.

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You think that's bad? In Los Angeles it's so bad that when the cops are looking for an armed and dangerous suspect on the loose they still won't give ANY information that might clue you in to the race. You'll hear something on the radio like, "Police are seeking the public's help locating a carjacking suspect who killed two people still at large. The suspect is described as a 6-foot male with a short haircut." I'm always thinking, "Oh, I know that guy."

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Yeah their desire to be completely PC has likely dropped call response greatly in situations where there isn't a photo.

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I haven't even read the article yet... but I'm gonna assume 'not white'.

EDIT: "Investigators have closed off several blocks as they seek the third suspect, described as a 5-foot-11 black male, with a dark complexion" kek

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You could feel them shame crying that they had to describe him as a 5'11'' black male lol

Thing is, if he is on the run, a description should be the first thing they post to help catch the piece of shit.

Then get to the bad shit he done, a armed police officer is gonna die prolly because he wanted to rob a 7/11

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I'm sure it hurt them even more to add the detail about his complexion.

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Thank you. This description was erased.

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Let me guess. It was an elderly Asian woman, right?

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Yeah, they wouldn't sell her a lottery ticket, never get between an Asian and their gambling

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Yeah, that description if gone now. I read the article 3 times, and used the search function for ''black'' which, according to other users, is the description. Nothing. They already edited it out. Go figure. Seattle.

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Yeah, guess I should have screen shot it, but in the end of the article is said the suspect on the run was a 5'11" black male.

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Someone luckily archived it. Or a bot did.

I archived the newer version and put the comparisons in another comment. It's pretty kekworthy.

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I love voat. great headline Awakening.

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I don't have any problems with the article discussing the condition of the officers who were shot first, but it appears they edited the article and it now has no mention of race. It would be nice if we didn't have to dance around this shit - Was he black brown yellow or white? Was he tall or short? Was it a man or a woman? So fucking stupid we can't ask or get answers to these questions anymore, unless it was a white male.

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Not a Mennonite, then?

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Nah, they classify more the along the lines of Dyyyynoooomiteee

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