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he's just a fatass leftist propaganda tool. Completely worthless.

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He's a multimillionaire capitalist selling leftists what they want to hear.

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Well I'm pretty sure his anti-Trump rant that was edited out of context helped get Trump elected. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etgOw1iSPFE

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And according to him it would be the fault of the US. The problem, according to him, would be evil capitalists that keep Venezuela from having what it needs at the price it wants to pay. If only the whole world was like Venezuela then it would all work out fine for everyone.

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Not just Venezuela. Look at pretty much every Central and South American country. Have you not ever read Chomsky? I am not a huge fan of Michael Moore, but Chomsky explains it very well.

Also, this is why we are seeing the Muslims immigrate to Europe. Watch Michael Moore's film Where to Invade Next. Soros and other globalists are funding the immigration of Muslims to Europe to destroy all the great things the Europeans built using Socialist policies.

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Chomsky has a history as an apologist for Mao and Pol Pot. It's not a surprise that he's also spewing propaganda for the strongman dictators of Latin America.

Socialism doesn't fail because of America. It fails because it operates in total denial of math, human nature and the laws of economics.

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the very rich left live in a fantasy world of "everyone gets some", yet they give nothing.

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Michael Moore hasn't aged well himself. He looks like a bitter old dyke, now.

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Chavez essentially thought he could create a crib of bread & circus for the poor botom-liners with the extra $$$ from oil. The whole thing imploded as soon as falling oil prices burnt the crib down and left the crib down.

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The price of oil was a problem but the death sentence was when the government seized all the billion dollar tankers in their ports. No one was willing to buy their oil because of fear their ships would be stolen.

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I wonder how long the Saudis will keep the oil cheap for the USA.

Also, what were they promised to keep it this way?

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To top it off, Chavez at least was moderately smart and knew what the fuck was going on. Maduro seems like that slightly retarded son now in charge of his father's estate.

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Says the Associated Press huh

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He should be in a locked ward. Fucking creepy nutter.

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