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Yes. They had been testing the system for a few people off and on for months beforehand. To my knowledge it was not well received. Rather than a normal rollout or waiting until it was ready they forced it through silently less than week after the negative schumer press. It seems very likely. I only watched the special after reading an article about the low rating, ostensibly blamed on alt-right trolls, and I had to struggle to make it through. Not only were the jokes derivative and unpleasant but the audience wasn't even laughing. The audience of people who paid money to watch amy schumer did not seem happy to be there.

I'd rather they made a deal to use imdb ratings or set up their own metacritic style ratings. I can only guess their reluctance is because they want an individuals rating to predict what else they would enjoy watching. However this can be accomplished nearly as easily behind the scenes with statistics on what they watch and for how long and comparing it to people with similar habits.

On the bright side the dave chappelle specials weren't bad.


[–] fook-fook 0 points 14 points (+14|-0) ago  (edited ago)

I think it goes deeper than just bad ratings. I think this thumbs up thumbs down system is used to segregate peoples ideas from each other. If you thumb up a few movies Netflix changes your entire selection to recommend movies based on what you liked. Since you thumbed down Amy Schumer you will never see her or videos with a similar message in your feed anymore. This in turn prevents people from even rating specials like Amy Schumers and also improves ratings for shit movies and specials by only allowing people who agree with them and like them to vote. This segregation of what people can see prevents "The alt-right" from influencing media outside of their segregated bubble. The same thing happens on youtube and facebook. Once you like something you get forced into a bubble of similar ideas.

Also this protects Netflix investments from getting destroyed by critics. Example: Amy, Sally and Whorefacebitch all enjoy Amy Schumers dogshit comedy and Like her video. In turn their feeds turn into biased shit shows of Schumer comedy movies, SJW shows like Dear White People, and Moonlight. These shit SJW movies benefit from no negative feedback from people who don't like them but will for sure be liked by amy, sally and whorebitchface. This way all movies and specials produced by Netflix remain seen as marketable solid content and nothing gets blown out of the water.


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on the plus side, since we know how streaming music works, we only provide downvotes so that you can be surprised with something new.

For those unaware, if you thumbs up a song, it will be replayed in your music queue often, whereas if you downvote only, the service constantly gives you new stuff to listen to.

If you like a song, just add it to a playlist.


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Also consider that when most negative feedback is removed, it will be more about the magnitude of positive feedback. It's harder to make a business case for SJW garbage if it gets 1/10th of the views / positive feedback of other content.


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Thank you for that information fook-fook.



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You realize you're complaining/conspiracizing a system that shows you stuff you will like and want to see, and moves garbage you don't want to see out of the way? Would you PREFER having Amy Schumer and related in your feed after you made it clear you thought she was awful?