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Not really though. You people like biased media, are you aware there are Christian terrorist groups that treat people the same way the Muslim terrorists do? I was stationed in a Muslim majority country. I had the pleasure of speaking in depth in an unbiased discussion with someone of Muslim decent. They say the same exact things the moderate Christians say about their holy book. They cherry pick the fuck out of it just like any other moderate Christian does. They talk about how the extremists aren't "true" Muslims.

The Christians had their holy wars over centuries and centuries. They were the terrorists, and there are a few fringe groups left in other countries still bombing the fuck out of anyone who believes differently than them, believing they are doing God's holy work, just like the Muslims. The only difference between the Christians and the Muslims is that today there are more terrorist Muslims.

The Christians devised some seriously cruel torture devices ever known to man. Makes me kind of relatively happy that the Muslims are just blowing people up. Of course, there's always the chance that if there were to be the Muslim equivalent of the Inquisition days the devices that they come up with could be far crueller.

In any case, I am in the process of reading the Bible and will move on to the Quran soon, but the people that I've talked to that have read both have told me the two really aren't that different.

Any religion that was created in the middle East is not a good one. Bottom line.