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Keep shitting on a game for karma! That is so productive.

It is really funny that the Reviewers are all coming back and telling people to hold up and to play further in the game. The embargo that was placed on content creators and reviewers alike was insane. This lead to only the first 10 hours of the game being reviewed. The first 10 hours are shit. Once you get off EOS and get your other team members the game opens up and is fun.

How do I know this? I have 89 hours into the game. I have beat it once on Normal and I am about 70% through New Game + on Hardcore difficulty. I have spent about 2 to 3 hours in Multiplayer.

I know everyone is going to hate on this title because of the animations, which I don't blame people for being frustrated and upset over them, but it isn't a reason to ignore the title. The combat is so fluid and fun that other games feel slow now. EDIT:This will not be a popular comment Seemed petty to add that, removing it as it isn't necessary to my point.

Edit 2: Total Biscuit seems have a similiar opinion now. He just posted a video yesterday, Here is the link. You people are fucking salty over this game.


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The first 10 hours of rape are terrible, but after a while you get used to it. This is what I think people are supposed to get out of hentai, I guess if I watched enough of it I would believe it too.


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The first 10 hours aren't that bad, it is just the animations. However, to each their own. I appreciate the reply. I am not saying this game is the best game I've ever played. I am just saying that if you put the animations aside, then it really is an enjoyable experience.

My first play through I put subtitles on and just read everything. That was something you had to do back in the day, so wasn't anything new and made me really get see the writing, which at times is bad, but is actually really funny. No pun intended.

You can't judge a book by the cover.


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Mass effect is one of my favorite series and this game is unacceptable for the budget and time spent on it. There was speculation that the racist SJW group headed by manveer might effect the output of the game - and it did. Not just the animations, the models looked better in mass effect 2. That's two titles ago.

So I understand, you've spent a lot of your life playing this since it came out, but understand why some people have a bad taste in their mouths and don't try it at all.

Maybe I shouldn't have played through 1-3 before I played andromeda but they seriously missed the mark for me.

PS stop worrying so much about CCP etc (whatever karma is). It's okay to dislike a post but to dismiss OP as farming upvotes only to follow it up with a message "this will not be popular" - that could be self fulfilling. Who cares?


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I don't. I have made that stance clear in my past comments. I was meaning in regards to the nasty comments that might follow. Nothing to do with fake internet points.

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The first play through to get everything 100% took me 66 hours. That was a new game on day of release. I didn't play my trial character. I started fresh. So my first 10 hours were more like 5 because I knew what was going on. My second play through is even faster because I know where to go and such, bu the enemies are more difficult in new game +.

The game cost 40 million and we ended up with some shitty animations. The rest of the game isn't bad. Multiplayer is way more fun than I thought it was going to be and that is where I am now spending my time.

The only point I am trying to make is you can't judge a book by it's cover. If the only thing wrong is some facial animations and a walking animation bug (which only happens if you do a fast swivel on stairs) that is being fixed first thing, then I can look past it.

I don't feel shit on, I would have paid 60 bucks for the multiplayer part alone. It is that much fun. You have to also remember the team that did ME3 Multiplayer are the ones who worked on ME:A.

I removed the popular comment as it was petty.


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MightyNo.9, no man's sky, mass effect andromeda, etc. etc. the examples keep piling up when are you going to get tired of being lied to and demand more for your money?


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Well I didn't buy Might No. 9. I watched gameplay and decided no. Second, No Man's Sky for all it's problems has been patched and fixed. The latest patch was actually yesterday at 1.4 gigs. The launch was shit but they have since fixed the major issues and added a lot to the game. I played 40 hours of NMS and got to end game and Center of the galaxy. I have 111 hours in NMS with about 20 of those being recent with the foundation patches. I plan to go back here soon since this most recent patch.

Now, I wasn't lied to about Mass Effect. I played a trial, read the reviews and knew what the game was when I made the purchase.

I can see that point in regards to No Mans Sky because we were lied to, however, they have since fixed the issues. Mass Effect can fix the issues people are bitching about with patches.

Did you play any of those games? Are you stating this from your own experience or basing your comment on what others have said? (Looking for background on your point of view on these games)

Most games that I buy I try before I pull the trigger. Either through a trial or by downloading the game after release. If it is good I will buy it. That is another reason I skipped Might No. 9.

In regards to your response I can only agree with you on Might No. 9 because personally I got the entertainment to money ratio I look for when I play games.

Two of the 3 games listed I played over 90 hours. I realize that enjoyment to entertainment is subjective, which could explain why I liked them and you didn't.