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It's cunts like this that are the reason Trump won.


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fucking loving the username lad, topkek


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Well Carey, your point is they are all the same. That remains to be seen.

What Trump is doing right now is continuing to win the hearts and minds of his enemy's supporters by pointing out their own hypocrisy, and it is working. He continues to slowly and methodically dismantle their base of support.

This is something he needs to do before he can wield the executive power. He must transition the support of the establishment over to his side - just like every other president has had to do. Obama failed to do it, and his presidency failed as a result.

If your criticism turns out to be true, then Trump will lose his support, just like Obama did, just like Bush did, and just like Clinton did.

If it is true, then we are no worse off than before. The country is on course to complete collapse, and in the end, either the system will save itself, or it will die off. Maybe the military will simply seize the country and try to run it themselves at that point.

However, if Trump is successful in his efforts, only then will we have the possibility of some genuine reform.

Trump is saying, whether you love me or hate me, put your love of your country first. Unite behind your flag - and we may have a chance to fix this. No nation, divided against itself, can stand.

The choice is clear - if you want to keep the country - unite.

It's the UNITED States of America.