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/v/traditionalwives is pretty cool. /u/empress is probably one of the chillest people on here. The most I see from her is a snarky comment as response to a snarky comment. She doesn't even ban people for dissent, how bout that? lol

I agree with op, check out /v/traditionalwives, if you're into reading articles about a return to the older values people used to respect in homemaking.


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Thanks, /u/clamhurt_legbeard. We're trying to encourage young women into embracing old-fashioned values instead of all the whoring that's been going on in modern culture. For whatever reason, @YoHomie aka 'VirginTroll' doesn't support us and regularly trolls our sub and now I see that he's trying to actively brigade it. Do what you have to do YoHomie- I won't ban you because free speech is more important than my feelings.

Edit: You and @Hecho are the only two with tags- let that sink in.


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This was a troll? Lol well then it backfired. I had a look around the sub and decided to subscribe. Glad to see such values being promoted as opposed to the trash attitudes you see celebrities show off these days.


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I'm actually thinking about creating a new account as "VirginTroll". It's a great username.