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-new accounts and accounts with low ccp are more limited than this, and for an unknown period of time, are forced to use google to use voat - a major privacy breach.

-all accounts must allow google to sign up for voat - a major privacy breach.


Aside from not understanding the google stuff you are talking about, and disagreeing with the 7-day archive timeframe (I think it should be more like 3 months) I don't really care about any of this stuff.

If you don't like how voat is being handled, why don't you create a competitor rather than "brigading" it?


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Who the fuck cares dude? Shit post till this place dies. You put way too much time and energy into this.

That says a lot about what you have going on in your life (nothing at all).


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Or he's paid to disrupt the site



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I don't think post history should be view-able by other accounts period.

Not sorry at all, I've had so many creeps on reddit digging through months of my history to whine at me for my shitposts. Not interested in invasion of privacy, or would you prefer I purge my post history routinely?


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I imagine this is how it went on reddit as well. Slow and steady.


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I realize that this comment comes a few days late, and that censorship is still a serious issue to watch out for in a forum like this.

But, keep in mind that this OP here is an absolute hypocrite, and cares nothing at all for this cause. He is the same guy that has banned numerous users, most having been here longer than him, from the popular sub v/TIL with the span of only a few days, most having not even broken any of the subverse rules ( https://voat.co/v/ProtectVoat/1670871 ). At the same time, he's been making posts to the subverse that have gone against several of the subverse's rules. On top of that, he actually has no business moderating the subverse in the first place, as he never met the requirements to take it over ( https://voat.co/v/subverserequest/1323572 ).

Beyond this, he's also spammed plenty of subverses, both on that account and his alts, including the now 90+ sparticus alts that he also used to upvote / downvote brigade with (most of these being globally banned recently after the last update). In fact, some of these restrictions that he is complaining about were actually put in place specifically because of him and people like him.

He currently now leads witchunts against users that bring up any of this, using the other subverse that he recently took control of: v/reportshills.

So, consider taking what this one has to say with a grain of salt.


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Dump truck of salt.


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Indeed. This is real fuckin' pernicious, what these bastards are doing.