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It's not stealing if you think you're entitled to it. That's their mindset and it's why they are incompatible with a civilized high trust society.

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Yep. There's no way that person passed any kind of immigration quality tests.

It takes 20 years to raise and educate a person in our culture. Hell, sometimes even that isn't enough. You can't ship randos in from non-Western countries, with non-Western values.

All of these "refugees" need to be repatriated ASAP or re-transplanted to a new home with a culture closer to their own.

Fuck you Obama.

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In africa they cut off peoples hands for stealing. In the USA she gets money for free food, steals the food anyway and simply gets away with it.

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Obama was airdropping ~400 Somalis every month into Minnesota.

These people have the lowest IQ of any ethnic group other than Australian Aboriginals. They do basically nothing other than consume welfare and commit crimes.

After the Somali knife attack at OSU, Red Ice Radio had Andrew Anglin on and he had some pretty funny commentary about the whole situation.

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if it takes 20 years to indoctrinate a person into our culture, than how much of our culture is an attack on the natural human condition?

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>it's not stealing from the goyim if you think you're entitled to it, that's their mindset and it's why they're incompatible with a civilized high trust society

You just described Jews perfectly. They're parasites.


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Did you get that nigger's manager? If she isn't going to do her job, she shouldn't get paid to be there. At the point that she didn't do her job, or at least call a higher up, she was an accessory after the fact to a robbery.

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They're trained not to try and stop anyone. It isn't worth it in the threat to the employee or in the threat of a lawsuit. Usually they'll catch the license plate on the car or arrest them on a repeat visit.

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That is the dumbest policy ever. You at least have to yell at her that she is a piece of shit and get your black ass back here and pay for that. I understand not chasing her down, because of liability, but public shaming is needed.

Bring back the stocks in the public square. And let us throw whatever she stole at her. If that doesn't help black people eat healthier foods like fruit and veg, nothing will. Nothing like a can of Dinty Moore to the head to realign some priorities.

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I worked at Walmart for a very long time. This is true. Employees aren't allowed to touch or even confront a shoplifter. If you see someone stealing, you need to tell someone with a radio or find a manager and inform them that shoplifting is taking place. By that time it's usually to late but sometimes people get cocky and try to steal a lot of shit. They will act like they aren't being followed and just roam around the store for hours with a cart full of shit until the cops arrive. Then they dump all the shit and leave. Security isn't even allowed to do anything other than grab someone by the wrist and detain them. If they defend themselves from a violent customer they get fired on the spot. Sometimes the customer even presses charges on THEM.

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This completed indifference is a not policy. They are suppose to remind them they didn't finish the transaction. And contact the loss prevention/manager to write up a incident report. When I worked retail that would have gotten me fired

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Lol you have to be stupid to take your car when going stealing.

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This is the real point here. When the checkout monitor blew you off, it was time to go talk to the store manager and report both the theft and the worthless bitch who knowingly let it happen and thereby became a participant in the crime.

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Supermarkets will also put prices up to cover theft so not only are you paying welfare you are paying for theft as well.

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Then it isn't stealing!!!!!!!!!!!

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Maybe in their minds it is not but it is still stealing. It just means everyone else pays a little more to cover the costs of the people stealing.

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They already do.

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Actually, that is not so. What people will pay for a product is independent of the store's profit margin.

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When theft is applied evenly the profit margins are padded appropriately so that people have only a yes/no choice with no price difference between stores.

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Niggers as a species should be removed from this planet.

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When I was a young boy on vacation we went out scuba diving and had a old white guy as a captain. He spent the 2 hour boat ride telling me about how niggers were termites and just move from one island to the next stripping them bare and destroying everything. Stuck with me.

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That advice was worth the cost of the vacation.

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Seems legit.

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Probably gonna get some flak for this.. But i would say that analogy would be more fitting describing the white man.

Edit; Iraq Afghanistan and Libya are just a few that come to mind.

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no, they need to be returned to the zoo they evolved in so they can redpill future generations of white people.

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You should have chased her down, yelled "store security" and yanked the cart out of her hand. She'd bounce and you'd have a cart full of free groceries.

Or you could return them to the store and rat out the stupid bitch that let it happen.

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No they'd see him with stolen goods and arrest him.

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Maybe she's a bill burr fan?

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Good ol' Billy Redtits!

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i completely agree with this. can't afford to have employees that make sure people are paying? maybe you shouldn't be in this business. what's next? they gonna have people bring their own shit to the supermarket and pay for that too? oh nice fucking coat you are wearing, what you thought that was yours? no my new fucking business is to sell you your shit on your labor.

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well strictly speaking it was a somali "sheboon" the word woman is designated solely for human females

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She only shrugged because she gets treated like shit at work and MPD will never pursue it anyway. The red tape is thick. Cops want to do their jobs but can't. It'll never get passed the cucksticle course. Sargents, LTs, Captains, or the SJW dyke Indian chief, or the Marxist Betsy Hodges, or [enter any county judge/attorney/public defender here].

It's all been rigged to let our society rot in crime and filth so the populace grows ever more dependent on government which grows stronger with each plane & ship load.

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If this is the case, then its best to move out of that area, to an area that doesn't put up with B.S. like that. since an area that does put up with that will eventually become a third world shit hole like detroit. How? well, companies will simply decide not to sell their stuff there, and once enough of them do this. . .prices will skyrocket, supply will dwindle, and lawmakers will instantly turn socialist and bam now you have Venezuela. Get out now.

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Makes ZERO sense to just move out and let the cancer spread. The best thing to do is MAGA by reversing the process and reclaim it in the name of the people that actually support this economy.

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