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It was inevitable. SJWs will cannibalize their own at the drop of a hat. Eventually the entire "movement" will implode as they compete with each other for the coveted title of Top Virtue Signaler.


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Last man standing will be a one-armed transsexual native American little person.


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Last MAN standing? Did you just assume someone's gender, shitlord?


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And in furry Muslim pedophile and you have a guarantee winner


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@adhdferret? you saw his video right? with make up on?


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The most hysterical part of this is that he's probably crying over this shit.


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And also wondering what the fuck just happened to his years of SJW credibility.


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Years of literally being a cuck down the drain. He married a single mother and adopted another.


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Yes, he probably is. Because he probably feels betrayed by those he thought he was close to. Image it: you have these great feelings of closeness, love, and camaraderie for others in a large group because you're all fighting against the same enemy (oppression? whatever, it doesn't matter). Then, you find out some of those people are absolute pieces of shit and they'll eat you alive to maintain their status in the group! Human beings are animals?! How did this happen? We were so close to achieving total unity and peace and understanding and whatever and now we realize we are no closer than before! All the labeling and vilifying of others different than ourselves (white men? whatever, it doesn't matter) did not bring us peace! It just created more hate and fear!

Now what do you do? Do you defend yourself? You're out of the group now, so little point there. Do you try to show people the errors of their ways? Nope, you quickly find that they don't give a shit what you say and just want to maintain their euphoria as group insiders. All your friends are gone. You realize that all the hateful shit you used to spew has fed into your current situation. This is all your fault.

Then you cry. Not just because you lost the personal connections you thought were so important... but because your actions caused this mess. And there is nothing you can do to stop it. You realize you have been the catalyst for the very hate you thought you were fighting against.


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From what I've seen in the past, he'll go off and self-analyze and come back grovelling for forgiveness yet again. Asking how he can be a "better person". Even for a fading-celebrity ex-child actor he's amazingly insecure and needing of validation.

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King Cuck.


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Only a pretender to the crown.


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He'll kow tow and donate $50,000 to a literally who and it will all blow over. They're desperate to keep his celebrity/nerd cred.

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Hey, maybe he'll wake up. One more for the woken is always a good thing.


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His wife won't let him.


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Some of these are trolls. Lauren Ingram, really.

Found the new way to ruin celebrity careers at will. Fake Muslim to call them out non-sequitur, at any time. Slightly off reaction comes out. 3rd wave rad fem dogmatist accounts you and friends control pick them apart (it doesn't even have to be logical, because that's the standard). Others will follow.


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Haha, so true,

In the recent series of South Park, they explain how to 'Troll' someone and why and it is almost identical to what you describe. I looked for a picture or a clip of the scene, but could not find anything. An upgoat is ready for anyone who can.....


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It's about goddamn time.


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HAHAHHAHAHA...Seriously Fuck you Wesley.

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