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I just assumed we were all Trump supporters here... Happy to be proven wrong


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Nope, he's the lesser of 2 evils presented, but still an "evil". fucking rigged ass 2-'party' system.

The trump circle-jerking is only Slightly less annoying than the bleeding heart liberal circle-jerk, and I think that's going to swap in the coming months as the new administration start fucking shit up in a whole new way to make everything even Worse (to be fair, that would happen with ANY of the options presented).


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I'm super skeptical of Trump, but he's done at least two extremely good things thus far:

  • Killed TPP
  • Stopped war with Russia that Hitlery/Soros was planning

That said, Pence, his cabinet picks etc are fucking awful. And I don't like how beholden he is to Zionist kikes, either.


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People (liberals) thought I was crazy for making the statement that Trump was the lesser of the two evils. Because of their rigid partisan views I eventually found my way here. Cheers.


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What is rather interesting is that it seems as though the trump machine seems to have tapped into the anti establishment paramo I'd style zeitgeist. Appearing as the underdog gated by the establishment even getting endorsement from a very large section of conspiracy minded crowd.


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No offense, but I'm really glad somebody other than me felt like they were voting for the lesser of two evils. The only time I felt I was voting my conscience was the time I voted for Ron Paul.

The only people on the right I've seen express this view are the neocons and globalists, so I'm not so sad they're feeling butthurt.

I appreciate your blunt honesty, thoug I do think you're overreacting.


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For the first time in 8 years ,the president will actually get some fucking criticism instead of a free pass. Obama failed by every metric, yet was great because he was black? Fuck that everyone and their dog should be putting their government under the microscope. If the regressive left scrutinized Obama and Hillary half as much as they do Trump, we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with.


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Nope, never liked the guy to be honest. I wrote in this election, but sure as he'll was not voting for Hillary


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There are a lot less trump supporters here than you might think.


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At work, you can't lose your shit over partisan issues because it's not professional. Maybe what is professional has changed now. Your boss doing this is even more egregious. This year professors have openly belittled half the country during class and called for genocide yet not gotten fired. Maybe the rules have changed. People deserve a reality check


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You are completely spot on, These people are at no risk of violence so they will get completely out of hand, Saying/Doing things they know they can just about get away with, If that professor said what he did and someone told he was an evil, nasty little cunt and give him a beating, I doubt he would ever say anything like that again, maybe even question his moronic beliefs, They (vocal lefties) must have mostly lived really sheltered lives to act the way they do, like spoilt little nasty cunts.


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Absolutely. Repercussions matter. Without them you get that screaming devil lady that is on the front page right now except during work and on company time. Normally I would say there are dipshits on both sides of the isle, but the batshit on the left at the moment is grotesque, embarrassing, and too prominent to dismiss with such a statement. I'm all for free speech outside of work. For example, if you're a professor conducting a talk outside of class and off campus you should be able to speak your mind regardless of how controversial. But during work, a standard of professionalism must be followed out of courtesy for colleagues, clients/students/customers, and the profession. Maybe I'm just old school.


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As I've been working shit retail jobs for nearly a decade, I can honestly say that professionalism, reasonableness, "checking your shit at the door", and "leaving it at home" are completely foreign concepts today. Rather it's become "agree with my shit politics or I come up with some excuse to get you shit canned."

Thus why I'm starting my own business in which I don't hire any libtards.


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Someone that weak needs to be rolled over.

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You've never been moved to tears by joy? I've cried everytime one of my babies was adopted. Can't help it!


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I'm convinced that there is a real mental illness many (not all) leftists suffer from. It's disturbing the way grown ass adults react to losing.


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Pro-Trumper here saying, good post.
On Trump's speech patterns, you might find these articles interesting, I certainly did.
The first one addresses his use of what's called the Zeigarnik Effect, this is probably the speech tactic you have an issue with.

In reverse choronological order;


[–] waxdino [S] 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Interesting articles, thanks.


[–] puggy 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 

Go to HR and report that your boss has been inappropriately expressing his/her emotions to you, including crying. Say you don't want him/her disciplined, you want him/her to get counseling. Later if your boss gives you a bad evaluation, you claim that he/she is retaliating against you and is emotionally unstable. You have documentation to back it up. Office politics is a knife fight.


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Politics used to be chess back when it was started, during the infancy of the USA. Actually based on the Mohawk political system that had a chief for every village but a council of elder women to make the final decision. They elected a chief because he provided for his people, was known by every single person in his clan.

Modern times made that shit into corky checkers...we don't know our city representative, know fuck all about our past and lock our senior citizen (advisors) into gulags masqueraded as <good times before you die homes>

take a perfect system that ran like swiss clockwork for 10,000+ years and add money into the mix = modern politics.

When a nuclear war or an EM pulse, or maybe even a fucking asteroid takes us all...LOCAL and RESPONSIBLE politics will return...where a local cheese maker who makes the best rat milk and smegma cheese...has a solid reputation for his business, leader, organizer sense will be chosen by his people to raise his clan to something more...like rat/smegma and breast milk cheese!

Politics can only be revived IMO when we cure shit on a local level, apply counter balances and are capable of electing people who actually give a shit

A mad max/hunger games is what we need, KISS (Keep it simple stupid) world is what we need to scale shit back to

Why else would the .01% strive for globalization...dilute shit so much we start voting for a world president who has no idea what conditions we live under

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