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The government has been owned by corporations for a very long time.

The corporations are the government.

War for oil profits, war for arms sales, war for an opportunity to traffic in low wage workers.

If you buy Lays potato chips, you are the problem. If you shop on Amazon, you are the problem.

It's pervasive, I typed that out on an Amazon tablet that I got as a gift. I won't give them any money, but I'm also saddled with a $25.00 Amazon gift card I have to use to the penny so they don't get a penny free. It's hard, but to kill those bastards, we have to buy from independants. It could be a unifying point between the right and the left.


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Great points. Grateful to live, a mile away, from Native lands. We shop (tax free) on the rez. Buy all tobacco & gasoline there. We have an organic garden and are share members of a privately owned, organic co op. We dry/freeze & can. We buy raw ingredients & make our own organic: toothpastes, face/body creams, powders, deodorants, etc. When we get sick, we use raw garlic/raw honey/Black Seed Oil, ect. We buy organic cotton fabric & sew our own blankets/quilts & underwear. I realize that doing things, the old-school-way is time consuming BUT I wouldn't change it for anything. The system today is making people dependent. Kids are computer experts but can't sew on a button, bake bread or change a tire.


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Lays is a problem now?


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Walkers in U.K.


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I don't self-censor. I was born in 1983. On Sept 11, 2001 I was 18 and live close to the Canadian border when all of the border patrol, etc came and occupied my backyard. I'm 34 now. Half of my life I thought I was free, the other half I realized that I wasn't. In the midwest, they pissed off the wrong generation.


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The goverment is taking control of the internet

It began as government/big business enterprises, and it stayed that way. It's just like a bunch of anarchist-gypsies (old school hackers) decided many decades ago to put up a fair (usenet/BBS/forums) on the premises of military installations, got shooed away again and again, but came back every time, until it became apparent, that those fairs are huge business opportunities. Some of those cyber-gypsies from the second generation onwards became entrepreneurs and made deals with the real owners of the premises, collaborated with the old power structure to become yet another part of the Military Industrial Complex, and thus began eternal september, later web 2.0, then ever more subtly controlled social media.

The "freedom" of the internet, for those who like to exchange independent, contrarian, dangerous ideas has always been the freedom of cockroaches to roam the warehourse: a nuissance that can't be completely eliminated without huge effort and risks to it's usability, Instead it's a permanent problem that is managed largely the same way: poisoned traps, pitting one pest against the other, diversion, compartmentalization and so on.

Unless the cockroaches build their own physical infrastructure as a basis for their own internet, there will always be something silly about them protesting pest control.

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Good on you. Do you. Spread the message.


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Tor is compromised https://invisibler.com/tor-compromised/ it is also funded by the US navy.


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The government OWNS the internet.

I've said this a few times on voat, and I always preface it by saying I'm not a jerk, I'm just being blunt so people can understand. Now for previous-self copy pasta because I'm groggy and I've worded this better in a past comment:


Anyone who thinks they are safe ANYWHERE online needs to remember the origins of this net we are using.

"They" can sniff/view all traffic, encrypted or not, shit they don't even have to remotely sniff, they've got boxes relaying the traffic to datacenters where it can be internally searched just as easily as you and I externally search on the googs or the ducks. "They" made the protocols, "they" paid the top level graduates their salary to create the backdoors, "they" own the factories which produce the chips which make up the routers we are using to communicate. Their companies put the copper/fiber in the ground so they could connect all of these machines.

If you're not using a VPN to post online, research one now, and grab TOR while you're at it.

FBI rule 41 just passed and there is extreme focus on de-anonimizing VPN traffic. They (MI complex, Intel societies) have been recruiting the top grads from every university for decades. Once again, beating a dead horse here, they manufacture the chips, they own the factories, they created the protocols, they make the routers we are using to communicate. They own it all, through and through - and they understand how it works. Please don't under-estimate the trillions of dollars and man hours they have invested in this technology.

You are "less visible", but MORE at risk of in depth investigation behind a VPN at this point. All TOR nodes were scooped up by the intelligence communities and they can de-anonymize you. No VPN can hide you, TOR cannot keep you safe.

Also, if you think that "they" need to subpoena any site admin to get more info about you, you are underestimating the electronic machines which host all of this nonsense.

Stand up to the threats and hold fast to the truth.


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I know I'm already being targeted for my opinions and views and by at least trying to run from them at this point is safer than standing out in the open with a target on me. Don't lie to these people. Take every possible measure you can to speak the truth in safety. Knowing they can do what you describe is every more reason to protect yourself.


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I know I'm already being targeted for my opinions and views and by at least trying to run from them

First of all, who says you should run? The more people who stand together, the better. They should be on the run (fuck I think I just infowhored).

at this point is safer than standing out in the open with a target on me.

No, that's what I'm telling you is that they are aware you are trying to VPN and TOR - and they can see you! That apparently escalates your interest.

Don't lie to these people.

You know, I'm trying my damnedest to not lie when I say that if you're trying to hide yourself online against the intelligence community you are only lying to yourself and now making yourself look more suspicious to the govt. They've got backdoor channels to everything. Even TOR, even VPN hosts. This is the truth.

Take every possible measure you can to speak the truth in safety.

I don't even know what this means, and I read it four times. There's no hiding online - unless you are somehow behind a protocol or piece of hardware that I'm not aware of. A $9.99 VPN redirect site will hand over anything the man asks if the subpoena comes down.

All of these things I am saying from opinion, after working with networks for over 10 years. My friends who are much, much more capable in IT and programming than I - tell me horror stories constantly.

But I don't want to discourage anyone from learning about what makes it all work and trying to use these tools. VPN's are cool and useful for long distance gaming sometimes. There's lots of crazy shit on TOR - all the freeware and conspiracies you want.

But don't think you are unnoticed, un-sniffable, un-loggable, impenetrable, my Icarus.


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4chan and Reddit are already in the hands of government minders.

bullshit , look how people vote .


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So internet 2.0 comes. People are forgetting that the internet is just a baby. Once it gets bad enough, there will severe global outrage. I can only hope that it is a new dawn for freedom. Bitcoin is a nice first step.

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