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Not to shit on OP's work... But ANY centralized distribution platform is going to be the target of warrants, censorship, and copyright takedown abuse just like Youtube. While it's small and not widely used, it will be able to skirt around these issues, but once it hits any sort of mass appeal whatsoever, say goodbye to privacy, free speech, etc.

Until a truly decentralized distribution platform (looking at you, IPFS) really becomes viable, there IS NO solution to any of these problems.

That being said, I wish OP the best of luck with this venture... we desperately need alternatives.

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You aren't anon to any admins either way

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make a dark mode.

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ijaij awei AWERJPJ ajw49 54wpejfa sdjfj

Sorry, I was blinded from light mode. Took me a while to recover. I know how you feel.

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beware of SJWs uploading CP on there and reporting you to the FBI. have a plan in place to immediately remove such files (and report the uploader to the proper authorities). stay one step ahead of the dangerous game that SJWs use to shut down sites they don't control. it happened to the original slimgur site. it can happen to yours.

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I want to break copyright so fuck you.

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We need more of this attitude on voat.

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What exactly are you referring to /u/chempergrill

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I see you need an email address to register. Will you ever sell email addresses to marketers?

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Why do you require registration? I saw this asked and you said you wouldn't need it.

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Does it even matter what he says in response to that? Terms of service agreements only bind the end users and not the issuer.

The only real answer will be Yes if we need/want the money.

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also what is your hosting and bandwidth? wont this get really expensive to run if it get's a lot more traffic?

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Shit man, I have 85TB total of space in my archives. 1TB is really going to be used up fast. How long would it take to scale up? Is it you own server that you have physical access to or is it through a company like Amazon?

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what about revenue to pay for that up-scaling ?

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Torn between watching The Eagles or John Wick trailer

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Looks good. I've got a lot of faith in this project moving forward. Between this and vid.me, we might be able to give Jewgle a run for its money.

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It'll probably take a long time for the profits to come in, and chances are if it gets popular there will be a period where running it might become expensive.

Hope you're ready for this. We can try to do fundraisers if things get too crazy. Still trying to keep voat afloat.

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