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I lost my shit when it said the kids name was "Godzilla Pimp".


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Iiszeedda - "I seize the day" - killed me. I've heard a story about someone naming their child "Shi'thead", pronounced "she-thay-ed", but spelt just like "Shithead" on the birth certificate. I've also heard of a child named "Sheamillion". Fucking hell, way to set up your child for failure.


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This reads like an elaborate role play. Generic name, "practices in the midwest". Curious, I tracked it down and found this: https://www.amren.com/news/2009/09/urban_law_101/

The site looks like a white supremacist site and this story is so outlandish that I can only assume that it is partially or wholly fiction.

Edit: Finished reading it. Author admits it's not his real name. Sorry, without some kind of reputation behind it, it's no better than a 4chan greentext post.


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4chan greentext is the most useful shit on the internet


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not knowing who the owner of amren is... Jared Taylor

Fucking pleb cuck.

Taylor worked as a news editor at the Washington Post from 1974 to 1975. Following that, he spent three years on a MA in international economics at the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po), graduating in 1978. He worked as an international lending officer for the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation from 1978 to 1981, and as West Coast editor of PC Magazine from 1983 to 1988.[11] He also worked in West Africa, and has traveled the area extensively.[9] Taylor is fluent in French, Japanese and English and has taught Japanese at Harvard University.[12][13] He also worked as a courtroom translator.[10]

He authored Shadows of the Rising Sun: A Critical View of the Japanese Miracle (1983), in which he wrote that Japan was not an appropriate economic or social model for the United States, and criticized the Japanese for excessive preoccupation with their own uniqueness.[14]

In 1990 he published the first issue of the American Renaissance periodical, and later founded the New Century Foundation to help with the running of American Renaissance.[15]

Taylor first turned to race in Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America (1992),[16] in which he argued that racism is no longer a convincing excuse for high black rates of crime, poverty, and academic failure. He also edited The Real American Dilemma: Race, Immigration, and the Future of America, (1998).[17] On May 3, 2011, The New Century Foundation released Jared Taylor's sequel to Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America entitled White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.

Taylor supervised preparation of the New Century Foundation monograph, The Color of Crime (1998, 2005), which observes that blacks and Hispanics commit violent crimes at considerably higher rates than whites, and that whites commit violent crimes at higher rates than Asians.[18] He is the main contributor to a collection of articles from American Renaissance magazine called A Race Against Time: Racial Heresies for the 21st Century, (2003)[19] and editor of a collection of essays by the late Samuel Francis entitled Essential Writings on Race, (2007).[20]

Taylor authored Face to Face with Race (2014), in which he stated that racial differences are real and innate.[21]


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amren is legit, no matter how hard you wish it wasnt.

truth is stranger than fiction.


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Right, because likely stories from fake names to protect the writers are all false. Like a lawyer is going to out himself or his firm on something like this.


If I tell you I ate a sandwich for lunch, but use my username here and do not give you my real name, is it false because I did not use my real name? That's what your response looks like.


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A couple of those names aren't that bad. Callie is actually kind of nice. Aryan White is fucking hilarious. Padraic is actually a name, although rare.


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There's an old saying: A conservative is a liberal who got mugged.


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Unfortunately I'd have to disagree. I dealt with a guy who was caught in someone's truck, stealing of course. He reeked of booze and had just been kicked out of a building wandering around restricted access areas telling people he was with maintenance. Well the truck belonged to a public defender, who felt sorry for his misfortune in life leading him to having no choice but to steal to survive. I guess stealing laptops for booze money keeps you alive.

The cops were tickled that it happened to a pd. They said "good!"

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Hi, I'm a former conservative who got mugged. On an unrelated topic, I'm generally liberal. Come at me bro.


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I'm sorry to hear you got shot in the head while being mugged.


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Here is why I am a race realist: http://pastebin.com/X6AQGei6

(I have also posted this today)


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As a black voat user, I don't mind race realists; the black community/culture is utter shit.

My problem is the ones who still treat people like me like shit, when it's pretty damn obvious we're going against the flow and actively trying to fight it.


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This is the problem with saying blacks are so and so, it is like saying all whites are the same. We are all individuals with different characteristics.
Chris Rock explains it best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3PJF0YE-x4


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The general trend is that blacks are detrimental to society, but it's important to realise a general trend does not encompass all.


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When I meet people I try to give everyone a chance... I DO have expectations though based on past experience. I find you can tell what "type" of person you're dealing with in about 30 seconds. At that point I adjust my behavior accordingly.


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People have been developing differently in different parts of the world for tens of thousands of years. They have evolved differently so they are different. All the wishing that we were all the same isn't ever going to make it so. I'm a racist because humans are comprised of different races. Erasing the races is bad racism, and it will lead to constant chaos and killing.


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This is particularly galling when you consider that Europeans were significantly mixed with ANOTHER SPECIES OF HUMAN called Neanderthal. That species turns out to have had some good qualities that are easily measurable now that the genomes have been mapped.


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Me. I was born and raised in Wyoming. I was brought up calling Brazil nuts as Nigger Toes, but had NO idea it was a slur against someone. We had Indians (feathers) as our low-class citizens, the drunks around town, but they were also some of my best friends in school... so I didn't lump them all together. Moved to Washington DC, got a job working for the Gov and still just saw blacks like I saw Indians and Whites, some shitty ones, some good/hard working ones. Even in Atlanta didn't seem too bad ~20 years ago.

But now I'm rural, more than an hour from any city of population over 30,000 and in one of the poorest counties around. I'm about 3 miles from where my wife grew up and her parents still live. There are no blacks here who work hard/try to live a good life. And THEY are the reason I'm a racist now. They remind me of the Navajo Indians (yup, lived on that Rez for awhile too), where it's social engineering via the "family units" to stay stupid, hate those who try to do better, be better, including their own kind. With Indians they use the slang term of "Apple", red on the outside, white on the inside... blacks use the term "Oreo".

I remember being disgusted with my in-laws when they'd toss racial epithet's around, but I understand, and agree with them, now. I was never a liberal though...


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I once chastised a cousin once for using the term spic because I'm part Spaniard & Native American while he's pure "white European."

A few years later I went back and told him how right his comment was at the time. Because even more welfare Mexicans have moved into the region vs the hardworking respectable ones that we grew up with. Who also helped take care of our grandmother.


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My wife taught two years in an "at risk" school, nearish the area written about. I don't ever want to be controlling, but I told her in no uncertain terms that she would not work in South Fulton where I went to school. So what does she do? Teaches in god damned shithole Clayton County. I rolled my eyes and let out a deep, disconcerted sigh, but she assured me it would be ok, because it was in the "good side of ClayCo, near Fayette".

Every word. Every single letter of that article in American Renaissance is true. After two years of that school, she almost quit teaching for good. It burned her out that badly. She'd come home crying sometimes. Want to talk about an area of Georgia devoid of value, which would best be used as a nuclear testing ground? Clayton County. The ENTIRE COUNTY lost their accreditation just a few years prior to this, AND THEN THE PLAGUE SWARMED INTO FAYETTEVILLE AND DESTROYED IT. Fayetteville was boring, but safe and relatively wealthy before that. Now Fayetteville sucks dick, and is very much not safe in certain areas. (Ok, the place always sucked dick, but at least it was safe.)

Trying to win the "ghetto lottery"? Yes, god damn it YES THEY FUCKING DO. There is ALWAYS some black woman trying her damnedest to sue the school system over SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Even teaching in a charter school, she has to deal with this shit.

My wife knows black teachers who REFUSE to even try to find work in Atlanta Public Schools.

#8: This happened often even in the middle school I went to. Middle school. There would frequently be turds on the floor. One time, someone pooped a poop on the floor, and stuck their hair pick in it. It's highly likely that it was of this variety because "black power" means shitting on the floor so the black janitor has to clean it up.

There was a "black power" march once at this school. A bunch of the black students in an 80% black school walked out of class, chanted "We shall overcome" with fists in the air, and marched through the hallways. What are you trying to overcome, each other's shittiness? Good 'ol Fuck Whitey February!


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If you go down the rabbit hole on race and intelligence, the studies show that the average IQ in some Sub-Saharan African countries is in the 60s and 70s. You can't get people that dumb to fix their own problems. You've just got to tell them what to do and punish them if they don't comply. The best outcome is a devoutly religious person who accepts a humble station in life.

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