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Dude... i do not care about ivanka. These pictures are meant to humanize her so trump can move in his cronies. That is opposite of what we want

Edit: every guy i know that is all "ivanka trump 2020" or "ivanka trump vp 2020!" is a guy that has no women in his life and is like oooooo pretty woman and im told she is successful.nothing to do with being raised around million/billionaires. Think about it, every single one of trump's kids juuuust happened to all strike it rich due to their outright superiority to everyone else?lets not jump from one false reality to the next


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Dont speak for the goats here thats just rude...faggot

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Say more or im not responding


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you are wrong, and i'll explain why rather than watching voat user base to simply downvoat you (which i disagree with)

again, i explain quickly to not waste your time

you can judge a fathers character by their offspring. Trump, is an excellent figure.

Here is Obama character.

reminder, i think she was on the dope there as well


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Well, because you can judge his character by them doesnt mean the cronies should be there. I mean, whether i agree with you or not (which i do, but thats an independent variable here) doesnt change what i said.

You pretty muched switched topics, stated somethibg true, then somehow concluded thatbyoy win the original topic. I have seen this continuously throughout my life and i dont understand it.

To refresh, the original topic is about cronyism


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