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Personally I think Asian and White women are attractive, Black women are not. That makes me a racist, but it's fine. Black women really are ugly. Not to be confused with dark skinned or heavily tanned Asian or White women. Those can be hot. See, it's not the color of their skin that makes Black women unattractive, it's their physique. (And their bitterness, but that's another story.)

It's also the reason you rarely see white men with black girls.

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Nature, racism... same thing, different label.


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Males in general do not find wide noses and large protruding lips attractive

No, this is something white males in general don't find attractive.

There are also statistically more overweight black women than white women.

Only in the US, where obesity is rampant and correlates strongly with poverty, which also correlates strongly with skin color.

You're not entirely wrong, but you're taking an extremely narrow view and generalizing it to a ridiculous degree.


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That's not to say that black women can't be attractive at all, but those that are tend to have features you'd associate with white women.

Examples in case: Beyoncé, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell. If you just bleached their skin Michael-Jackson-style, they would easily pass as whites. And they are some of the pinnacles of black beauty.


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I'm going to have to disagree with you. I mean, I agree that black (read: African American) women tend not to be that attractive. But it's because they don't take care of themselves in the way white and Asian women do.

I'm not from the U.S. Going to school back home, the vast majority of black girls I was around were very attractive. They took care of themselves. Coming to the U.S., I'm like, "Why are the black girls so ugly?"

Pretty sure this is why, and not necessarily genetics. (Yes, it's obviously a factor though.)


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Then I should add, that back in school, I never encountered a black girl. We were all white. My prejudice about black women comes from television, the movies, internet and porn. (And I repeat, I mean black, not heavily tanned or dark skinned.)

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It's the belief that all black women are ugly, isn't it? Of course, racism and preferences are hard to distinguish. "I just prefer to hire white people, it's not racism, just a preference."