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This stuff is always talked about in a derogatory way toward millenials, but the reality is that we were failed by our education and social systems. Only so much can be done in short order when you've known nothing but a low-responsibility fantasy world your whole life.


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The main way in which Millennials failed was in buying everything they were told. Other generations were all subject to the same type of advice saying "do this, do that." They, as teenagers, had the good sense to question these role models offering advice and sought their own paths based on the information available to them. This is what the young do, and it replenishes society as they become adults. Millenials are disliked in large part because they did what they were told, have nothing to offer as a result, and whine about how they were misled. You stupid twats are supposed to seize personal power, not wait for it to be handed to you. Your education didn't fail you any more than it did others - you failed yourselves and no one stopped you.

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Part of that just has to do with how well our parents developed safe space for our childhood. They walled off successful people that didn't succeed the 'right' way and pushed shit like 'stranger danger'. And the people that rebelled had an easy trap that crippled their futures, marijuana and drug arrests. There is also the moving goal posts. It's much harder to just learn a new skill and get a job, because there are people all over the world fighting for that job.


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No, if it was you and your generation in our places, the exact same thing would have happened. Otherwise explain the mechanism in which millennials would somehow act innately different than previous generations? Biologically, there is no difference. It's 100% the environment.

Why are millenials less skilled? How about the fact that it is now so incredibly hard to even achieve an entry level position with any real prospects? There have been studies that show that millenials are actually not any lazier than previous generations.

I'll definitely agree with you that the social politics of my generation are totally fucked up. But as far as economics goes, it's 100% on the shoulders of your generation and the previous (assuming you're a gen X-er) for screwing us full stop.

Job prospects are shit. The ability to buy a decent house - almost non-existent. SocJus diversity practices instead of merit based practices. Heck I'd even say mating prospects are a lot harder for men in general, with how spoiled American women are (thankfully this doesn't apply to me). These are not things that are the fault of millennials. At all.

And for the record, no, I'm not a loser jobless NEET who lives in my parents basement. But I've had to work 500% harder than my parents did to get to the same place they were at when they were my age. It's bullshit.

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Failed by your education? Millennials will always be the least skilled in the populace. You start a shitty job in the beginning. You learn how to be good at your shitty job. You get promoted. Wish, wash, repeat. No one is going to hire a nonskilled fucking millennial if the minimum wage is $15. As someone who is 26, I'm glad that I found a profession where the skills required are scarce and in demand. It's like how teachers complain they're not getting paid well. Why don't you go to a profession that is difficult and requires skill? No one is forcing you to teach you dumb fucking liberal cunts.


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The problem with hiring millenials is that they're frequently terrible employees. The reputation is well-established and is a problem for businesses who need to fill positions. The key markers of millenial employees are a huge sense of entitlement, poor follow-through, and a lack of willingness to put in the work to prove themselves before demanding things from their employer. They seem surprised when the workplace does not adapt to them.


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I agree. Millennials were sheltered. A lot of them never got to experience independence that leads to those skills. It's only going to get worse. Many parents I know now won't let their kids play out of eye sight. The majority of my learning took place during those unsupervised times when I had to fend for myself. I blame the whole stranger danger mentality for how Millennials act today. They never had to leave comfort of the nest as a youngster and yet we are surprised when we try to push them out as adults and they fail.


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we were failed by our education and social systems

Oh, fuck you right in your faggot snowflake ass. Not only do I doubt you know the word, I doubt you understand the concept of autodidacticism. There's a reason I'm constantly calling you people retards... because that's what you are. You need everything spoon fed to you so you can regurgitate it on command without ever having to actually think about it.

There's a base level intelligence that's observable even when one is lacking an education that would allow them to express their ideas properly... and that's missing in ~90% of millennials I interact with. All you faggots do is mindlessly parrot ideas that you think make you look like an informed contrarian. That's your entire goal, to justify your bloated and obese egos because you totally ate up all that synthetic self-esteem that anyone willing to be honest would acknowledge as being undeserved (of course, you aren't exactly known for introspection... it really is amazing how a generation so self-conscious is so utterly bereft of self-awareness).