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Why is this being downvoted?


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prob the new pizzagaters don't like the idea that people know how to make it difficult to be spied on. they are in the business of uncovering information, stuff like this makes it much harder to do that (but not impossible).

the other thing is this does not create absolute security or privacy. even if you follow all of this advice it is possible for NSA or FBI to still intercept and decrypt your information (the encryption keys are intercepted as well as the encrypted message). there is no bullet proof method to use the internet to deliver 100% secure information.

if you are under the belief that you are being targeted by exceptional effort by an intelligence agency, than you should use a burner phone to pick up encryption keys and use true crypt 1.7 (i forget the number it might be different, but the last true secure version is an old version). put tails on a stick, run a virtual machine and have it set to self destruct by perhaps booby trapping it with thermite or the like.


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https://archive.is/boOEx :

VPNs: What They Do, How They Work, and Why You're Dumb for Not Using One

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