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I am mang. Look how organized and useful the sub is now. I've been working hard.


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The sub still looks like a mess, just now with deleted subs a mile long. Have you considered that you may be accidentally curating a rather clean collection of debunking and rebuttals which is easily accessible?

You're running it like fph or v/niggers*. The flipside of this is that those subs are more for their own pleasure than a public call-to-arms.

As we're in @adhdferret's thread and he is seeking more info about you: Your stickied post very quickly leads me to find you are likely not American.

In my humble opinion as a long time user (and much longer time lurker), you may be very well causing yourself and everyone more pain by banning people than not. It's far easier to ignore spammers (or block a user!) than it is to keep cutting heads off a hydra.

*or what I hear is how they do it on Reddit

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You're obviously not doing it right, you're known for banning users without valid reason, not for "tidying up" by removing past discussions.