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I get it... but feminism is not what you think it is. Also women are not paid as much as men for the same work, that type of inequality still exists.

edit: pretty tame comment for the downvotes. lol triggered

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" it's clear that feminists ( the toxic variety )" - at least you admit that not all 'feminists' believe the same thing!
Yes, women are more equal to men in North America than in most countries around the world. And that's through decades of struggle for respect and rights. Still not equal though.


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muh wage gap


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My last job i got a 1$ Raise, i worked 3 years at the company, my coworker who was now going to be earning 1$ less and worked 2 years fewer than me decided that was sexist. The day after my raise she whined and literally cried about it and they gave her a raise as well. Is that sexist?, that for my longer time with the company that i would have earned 1$ more an hour?. I quit that job a day later over that shit, I saw that no amount of effort on my part would set me apart from those children and got a big pay increase going to a different company. How exactly in my situation was the pay increase sexist?. The more you push fake stats the more your going to push people away from whatever else your trying to sell with feminism.


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feminism is not what you think it is

You need to tell this to the feminists.