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That's actually really disturbing, just from the implication that he's either dead or imprisoned and someone is putting some effort into making people think he isn't. And I sort of hoped that wikileaks was going to be able to operate freely or at least unhindered mostly because of their deadman switch but as of right now to me at least, it looks like that measure failed which is a sobering thought since if they got to him who can't they get to.


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Everything I've seen so far seems to point to him being dead or captured, Wikileaks then infiltrated by ABC orgs who managed to crash the internet when the deadman switch went off, and the two subsequent interviews "Assange" did being faked somehow. The ABC orgs must be trying to keep Wikileaks looking semi-legit as a honeypot to trap future whistleblowers, jesus.

EDIT: Mirror in case the 8chan link goes down:

EDIT 2: A Wikileaks staffer posted to 4chan confirming WL is compromised, Assange is missing, and an ABC org is running the WL social media accounts -

UNFOLDING NOW: 2 Anons on Reddit's /v/pizzagate claim to have hacked into a DC area pizza joint and walked away with a USB drive of graphic kiddy porn, as well as an encrypted list of "clients". One claims he gave the list to the media to be publicized tomorrow, the other claims the list is encrypted and he needs help cracking it:


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It certainly seems bad, but I can only hope there's still wikileaks people out there that got away and eventually hopefully soon they release a copy of whatever the deadman switch had.


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two subsequent interviews "Assange" did being faked somehow

What is the other interview he did that would be fake?

Also, what is an ABC org? I genuinely don't know.


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Disturbing isn't the word for it. Of course it's disturbing they got him, but hell they offed a President in front of us all not that long ago. What I'm disturbed over is what the hell they covered up? I bet it's something so fucked up it would upend the entire political world. It all tells me they're playing with some next level evil shit.

It also makes me worried about Trump. He's a loose end they will probably move on him now. They've got plenty of useful idiots to blame for whacking him. It's been all over social media, threats against him and his family. I sure as shit don't have a good feeling about trusting Pence with it all.

We could be looking at a big fucking power play coming through via this. Think mass Trump assassination, him and his family. It would send some major outrage into high gear. They could use it to slam controls on everything. They'd say, hey, those Leftists used Twitter and Facebook to set this off. We need to control the Internet. Boom. Done.

When you buy both sides of the same political coin, you never lose. You just clean up the loose ends. Think about it, we've got perfect patsies in place to take the fall. We thought it was over, that we'd won. lol Evil doesn't just take it's ball and goes home. It's got plans.

Note how the media was on about Trump not telling them he was going to dinner that they were like a layer of protection? Talk about setting up the narrative. They need to be a part of the narrative not only to control it but to gain some sort of trust from the dumb ass public again. Right now they're done, sinking. This kind of "I told you so." would help them solidify themselves again along with some plan to fuck up 'fake news'. They'll spin that in somehow. Probably blaming it for setting off the lunatic Leftists who went on a rampage. With guns. Lots of mileage to be had out of this.

Yeah, Assange's demise is disturbing. lol We're probably not too bright discussing all of this here if I'm right. Voat has been acting weird, it's probably some seriously fucked up honeypot by now too.

Or not. lol I should go fold a tinfoil hat.


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Voat has been infiltrated, this is known.

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While I'm sure there are many people in positions to end trump that would love to as well I doubt that would happen, most other countries I'd say that's possible in ultra extreme but here I don't think it's the case, I mean there's never been a coup here and wouldn't it be smarter to just try to keep trump from doing any damage to your core assets? My plan in this scinario would be to limit the damage he can do to me and try to make sure he isn't elected next time, killing him makes him a martyr and then what happens if I don't get everyone?

I could be totally off though you never know.

Assange was already wanted and was technically a fugitive it wouldn't have been hard to get a cia or some other extraction team in to get him the British would be happy to be done with it, the question now is, who took him? Because that will answer if he's dead or alive, and I'm assuming the united states took him what I mean is specifically what agency and for who.

And I seriously doubt if anyone is watching what we say or caring about it since there's not much we can do at the moment.