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Just to be clear, he did not just find out that she was molested and then went to kill the bastard. The bastard plead guilty to it 13 years prior and was given probation for it. The girl got mad and said something to her father and it set him off to go find the bastard. As he rode to kill the bastard he also took a shot at someone else, who was in a country store, who reportedly had been abusive in some way toward his other daughter. Then he went and killed the bastard.

This dude has some anger issues that need to be addressed. If he had killed him 13 years prior I would understand, but this looks like a rage incident where he was going to right all the wrongs himself.


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Well the rapist only served a little over two years. Just saying.


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And the anger at that is still 10 years past time.


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Frankly The guy who was killed deserved it.

However, this guy does clearly need to be mandated to have some sort of counseling for anger management or something of that sort as well, at least evaluation and slap-on-the-wrist punishment to say "do not think you are the law".


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Frankly, the ultimate responsibility lies on the state here. If they had actually done their job and executed the criminal, this wouldn't have happened. The fact that the "justice" system is such a joke these days encourages people to act as vigilantes.

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He was down in Alabam, bam-ba-lam...


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What a Brave And Strong Real Man. It's important to protect the Golden Uterus.