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[–] Niggertown 26 points -18 points (+8|-26) ago  (edited ago)

Fuck veterans. You volunteer to join an army that topples governments and kills countless civilians then you deserve to live in a cardboard box.

And all these "wont someone please think of the veterans" types should either take in a homeless vet into their homes or stfu. Frankly, I don't even see why a homeless vet deserves any more privilege than a non-veteran homeless person.

Military cunts, I tell you -- they always act like they deserve a little bit more than everyone else. Just because they go overseas to fight wars for the Saudi camelfuckers and the Kikes with my fucking tax dollars. That is why we don't take care of you. Cause you don't take care of this country.


[–] Samsquamch 3 points 10 points (+13|-3) ago 

Le edgemaster has arrived. Nevermind the many people that want to just serve their four years in exchange for an education, fuck those people.

Nevermind the people who volunteered for their country but didn't get to choose their wars, and couldn't leave without breaking a government contract. A real man or woman would have abandoned their post the minute they found something they disagreed with, according to Niggertown.


[–] Necro__queen 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

You're not volunteering for your country, you're volunteering to be cannon fodder for a shadow government that's destroying your country at the expense of it's taxpayers. You are literally nothing but a tool of the state. There's no excuse for this level of ignorance. You have the Internet, do some fucking research and figure out what you're really fighting for.


[–] Niggertown 8 points -4 points (+4|-8) ago  (edited ago)

Let me break out my tiny little violin and give you a serenade.

If you have enough skill to join the army you have enough skill to get a job to pay for your education. They give out student loans like candy these days. Go to a local or state college and learn a useful skill.

If you want to be a smug GI Joe zogbot that's so deluded to think he's actually helping his average countryman be my guest. But don't tell me you deserve some sort of special privilege for spending 4 years putting sand up your ass while shitskins lob mortars at you.

The only thing the US military has done in the past 20 years is overthrow the enemies of Saudi Arabia and Israel, create ISIS, and endanger the average American both abroad and at home. Fuck the US military. Property of the amoral Semitic shitskins.

[–] [deleted] 3 points 4 points (+7|-3) ago 



[–] Niggertown 11 points -9 points (+2|-11) ago  (edited ago)

Not this one full of faggot trannies.


[–] Dalai_Llama 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago  (edited ago)

I understand your reluctance to grant elevated status to a particular group of people. Afterall, the modern US military is comprised entirely of volunteers. They knew full well the gravity of the situation. I know there are many different types of people that become soldiers. I won't pretend like I understand the true nature of their service. But from the few I have known, they joined for different reasons. Some because they needed a job, some because they wanted glory, and some because they just wanted to fuck people up.

I won't use the excuse that they are just following orders, because I know they are smarter than that. But I will say this. After 9/11 we all wanted blood. We can claim that Bush and Cheney and the whole damn lot of them lied to us, and they did, but we all knew it was lie from the beginning. We even have historical precedents from the Gulf of Tonkin incident and the USS Maine that demonstrate a tendency of deception from the highest ranks or the US government.

And I remember those years following 2001-2003 leading up to the war. We all saw it coming and we all sat idly by and allowed our elected representatives to send the servicemen out. If there is anyone to blame, we all deserve to share some of it. We allowed those people to be sent out there to their deaths, we won't ever be able to take back those mistakes. We owe the ones that came home something.



[–] lexsird 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

I see some big black army buck nigger laid some big black cock to your little white woman and she liked it while you cowered in the closet and jerked off. Isn't that right cuckboy? Tell us all about it.


[–] Niggertown 5 points -1 points (+4|-5) ago  (edited ago)

Being called a 'cuck' by a guy who is in the US military fighting for Saudi sandniggers and kikes that would spit on him if they saw him walking around in Tel Aviv..

I don't know why US military nigs act so tough. A bunch of average sand nigger 16 year olds could defeat the US military in a symmetric combat situation.