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Thanks for that heartfelt rant. I have similar thoughts, but one more, since I'm a conspiracy theorist: Many of the absolute worst most hostile people in here are probably Correct The Record shills, creating false flags, or perhaps even FBI making honeypots.

It would be horrifying if Clinton pointed to Voat as a Trump stronghold and people (media) took a look, captured the worst comments, and portrayed Voat as the dark underbelly of our society. The ironic thing is that the posts they're be showing were likely to be CTR shills putting shitposts in here the same way they would post pedophile photos in Bernie subs. There is no limit to the corruption that Clinton operatives will use.


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A lot of Voaters aren't pro-Trump, just anti-Hillary.

I'd like to know if you think Voat is so fundamentally different than popular sites like Reddit that openly hates Christians, conservatives, right-wingers, people from the south or WorldStarHipHop that openly hates white people, or Twitter and Tumblr.


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"maybe just try being more approachable when you're talking to strangers." -- says the person who makes a long, condescending post.


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three real goats just responded to you.

there are good goats here.

it's like life.

ya gotta wade through all the assholes to find the few quality goats...


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in the old days the assholes died though farm machinery accidents or just diseases and only people left were quality goats.


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As the definition of raysis changed, the less people (in a semi-anonymous settings) gave a fuck. most of these people don't hate blacks or jews or muslims, they just hate multiculturalism. they hate the fact that their once homogeneous society is being forcibly turned into an enriched society for political and ideological reasons by globalist leftists.

voat is never going to be anything close to reddit in size, it won't go away until u/atko sells it, which he could do at any moment for any reason. There will always be another freeze peach zone, until there isn't, and then people will just stop using social media all to together. Which is timely considering the UN will be seizing control of the internet in what, 5 days?

there are plenty of crazy people on voat, but there are lots of lurkers that chime in with sanity checks when they are feeling brave. Most of that is because voat's demographic is (in my estimate) 90% male. . . compared to the 50% male audience at reddit. Voat generally retains only the people with thick skin who like the occasional truth bomb.


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Correct. I appreciate truth bombs, and we all can be better prepared to defend our beliefs or see the error of our ways when we can have free and unfettered speech.


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Manhood 101

That was one fat srs virgin.

No reasonably sane person and normal person just uses "nigger" in every other sentence they say, or constantly rants about the Jews, or any of that.No reasonably sane person and normal person just uses "nigger" in every other sentence they say, or constantly rants about the Jews, or any of that.

I do. Fuck off with your concern trolling. I don't need you to tell me what constitutes a sane guy to you.

You guys look like a bunch of loonies.

You look like a pussy and a jack ass.

Y'all just need to start acting better.

Again, feel free to shut the fuck up and fuck off if you don't like it here.

You guys may have driven the last of the normal people out

If you hate everyone here, why not leave?

maybe just try being more approachable when you're talking to strangers.

This is how they tried to kill gamergate. With the think about our pr bullshit. Fuck off.

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You are a virgin addicted to your computer if you use terms like real life.

edit. I mostly talk about jews, niggers and sandniggers with my parents. They aren't blue pilled pussies like you.


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It makes do difference. No place on the internet is important to anyone except the ones who go there. You can get as wrapped up as you want in Reddit and completely lose track of the fact that most of the people you see walking down the street don't go to Reddit, ever and have no idea about Reddit anything much less Voat. The only real difference in society that the entire internet ever caused was to create a prevailing feeling that we should all have more control over others than we're due.


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You bring up some great points, this place can be pretty dark, and the constant stream of politics can be depressing. I guess users that have been here for a while can be pretty desensitised to it. New users probably balk at some of the things we say.

The thing, the users here are not bad people. Even the lads on v/niggers are really nice if you get chatting to them. The fact is, the user base here is frustrated. They can see what's happening, and this is the one place they can vent.

I think it's time every user here took ownership of their own voat experience. Users are clamoring for more content, even the most ardent amongst us, needs a break from politics. I came here during the fattening, and even though I like the odd bit of fat hate, I can't spend more than five minutes browsing it. It all gets repetitive.

Let's all post a little more content, even if its one post a week to a sub you don't normally frequent. Who knows, you might enjoy it. It's up to us change v/all, right now this site is mainly politics, but it can also be the place where we hang out and enjoy ourselves.

Tldr. We don't need to redpill each other, we are all here for a reason. Let's try to get some other content moving?


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