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[–] lexsird 1 points 37 points (+38|-1) ago 

You should have taken the contempt of court charge so that you could sue the everloving fuck out of the judge, the cop and the county. Definately get the transcripts. In fact, tell this story to an OUT OF TOWN LAWYER or one that has a reputation of not being one of the 'good old boys'.

Lawyers in smaller towns can be just as big of a problem as the crooked law enforcement or judges. They all work together, they collude big fucking time, don't let anyone bullshit you. If there is a rival town near you, go to it and explain what the hell is going on. Tell them you not only want this to go away, but you want damages and punitive damages.

By standing up to these cunts, you are already on their radar. I'm betting you're in a small town because this is typical small town horse shit. They abuse you because they expect to gin up business for one of their cunt lawyer friends. They hate it when someone tries to do what you did. You're pissing on their crooked assed economy.

When you nuke them with an out of town lawyer, they'd be pissy still. You'll need to put some recording devices in your vehicles and in your home because I'd bet that they try even more bullshit. This is where you nail them yet again and score enough to move the fuck away.

It's that or eat a cock and pay the fuckers of their extortion money and move on. Don't make their radar and tell your kid for fuck's sake don't get in any trouble again or they'll rape his ass in court and yours too. It sucks, but welcome to the realities of court in America.


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This was in a small town. Which I do not live in. My x-wife does not live in that town anymore either. So I really don't think they could get any kind of revenge on me. Not personally anyway. The consensus here is for me to continue to fight this. So I will see what I have to do to get the transcript here soon. The out of town lawyer is a good idea but I honestly have no idea how to find one that is not connected to the good old boys.


[–] lexsird 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

Look for Football rivalries between that town and a potential town close. Where I live there's another small town 25 miles away that hates our town and visa versa. The cops will pull you over if you are cruising their square if you have license plates from the perspective rival counties. The thug cops are known to be abusive to rivals cruising the loop. Check your area newspapers for the sporting sections and look for keywords that might lead you to think there are rivalries. Ask a round, do a little research.

I had problems with my local cops being shitheads and they got me sued by some dirtballs. My rival town lawyer come let them know that because they let confidential information out that they would be sued for whatever damages were won against me. The dirt balls dropped the lawsuit like a hot potato pronto and the cops realized I knew how to take them to task if they got stupid with me. The good ol boy system is fine if it's working for you, but when it crosses you, you have to go outside it and bring the fucking smoke down on them. I'm sure they let the crew of dirtballs know that if they got sued, they were fucking toast. lol

It's not going to be cheap, but you might get your lawyer bill paid as well. It's clearly a case of small town system shitheads bullying you and your kid. Oh yeah, there's something really fun and it's called a 'Press Release'. It's where you inform the local presses around the area what is going on. You basically write up an article for them. Google some particulars on it so that you know how to do a thorough one. Those rival towns will jump on that like a fat kid chocolate cake, probably the local ones as well. Newspapers and TV stations from there to the capital. Small town horseshit makes big cities feel better about their own problems. They LOVE to roll in to hicksville with their big ass trucks and put some idiot cop under the lights.

Don't forget to capitalize on social media other than this obscure one. The townspeople of that town probably have an axe to grind if they're this goofy anyway. They'll not appreciate cleaning up after them shitting all over their town's reputation. Not to mention if it takes a bite out of their coffers, they'll be not happy with the idiots, or even worse if it jacks up their insurance rates to insure against losing their asses from lawsuits. Insurance companies eye stuff like this because they don't like to do payouts.

Scorched Earth, contempt of court that.


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does not matter this is a matter you can take to a federal court (it never will, but could) you could have that judge ruined


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to get the transcript, call the clerk of the court in which you appeared. the number will be available online, just search 'whatever county clerk' and start there. to find a lawyer outside your county, call the next count over's bar association, or your state bar association and they will give you info about what type of lawyer you will need (you don't want a divorce lawyer for a criminal appeal) and numbers to contact them at.

*edit to say when you talk to the bar association, tell them you'd specifically like to speak to an attorney who offers free consultations, and then ask when you call the firm. most firms will offer some time with a legal professional (attorney or paralegal( for little or no cost to evaluate your case.


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Lawyers in smaller towns can be just as big of a problem

True, but not in the ways you're referencing. Those lawyers will have to appear before that judge again and again. If the lawyer makes the judge look like an idiot, then that judge will make every future case for that lawyer extremely difficult.

The lawyers won't complain when the judge is being a dick, they will go along with the judge's incompetence, they'll even allow the judge to be corrupt so that the judge isn't always against them. It's not that the lawyers are crooked, it's that in small town courts if you stand up to a judge once, your career there could be over.