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Thank you kind badger


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you won't need any FOIA demand if this goes to court, you'll need a simple discovery demand, and then an order from the judge for them to produce it if they don't (as long as the probative value is good and not a fishing expedition). long story short, don't listen to any of us assholes, get a lawyer for the appeal. doing it yourself isn't going to work.

if it's anything other than a simple traffic violation ALWAYS GET AN ATTORNEY. the courts are not friendly places to people who don't practice law.


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The benefit of the FOIA is that he's able to assemble information without having to go to a judge right away. Of course he can hire an attorney and have them perform discovery. My steps would either provide useful information to him or his attorney or show him / his attorney that they are violating laws by not providing the documents.

edit: I'm also unaware of any attorney actually validating if someone they're working with was properly appointed.