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I am not an attorney; I am a badger. This is not legal advice. If this happened to me, I'd do the following:

  • Get the transcript

The transcript should have the damning quote you referenced earlier.

  • File a FOIA request for the signed affidavit the cop cited.

It may be a grayed out piece of paper, but if they can't produce it without reason, you may be able to have proof the cop perjured himself, again aided by #1.

  • File a FOIA request for the oath of office of the judge and the cop

In all jurisdictions I'm aware of, state employees must sign and properly file an oath of office. Look at the requirements for each. You may find that they didn't properly file and that they may not legally be a cop and or judge. This opens up another avenue for legal action.

  • Take findings to appeal. You may want to look up the requirements of if you wanted a federal judge to review this as the state may only view you as a resource to be milked. If you file an appeal, ensure all of your proof is added to the record. There are two filing stamps: one is the legit whereas the other means it goes into the crap pile. Research which one is which in your district.

Also, look and see if there's a legal workshop in your county where they will help you with filing, but not with the facts of your case. There are other resources online providing some research if you want to do the legwork yourself. This is fairly low risk, but potentially high reward.

Best of luck!


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Thank you kind badger


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you won't need any FOIA demand if this goes to court, you'll need a simple discovery demand, and then an order from the judge for them to produce it if they don't (as long as the probative value is good and not a fishing expedition). long story short, don't listen to any of us assholes, get a lawyer for the appeal. doing it yourself isn't going to work.

if it's anything other than a simple traffic violation ALWAYS GET AN ATTORNEY. the courts are not friendly places to people who don't practice law.