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The cop's testimony of the other witness is hearsay unless if your state is shit and has a cop exception.

Fun fact: the Federal Rules of Evidence 801(d)(2)(a) (applies in Federal courts) allow a cop's testimony to be admitted as evidence/testimony but does not allow those statements to be used in your own favor... example:

  • Interview: cop asks about whether suspect knew a murder victim; suspect says that he knows the murder victim and really hated him but he was miles away that night, with no evidence to prove that he wasn't near the scene.

  • Cop, in court, is asked whether there was anything suspicious about the suspect's relationship with the victim, and mentions the hatred for the victim.

  • The defense is not allowed to bring up the fact that the suspect had made a statement about being "miles away that night". Exculpatory statements are inadmissible if brought up by the defense.

Part of the reason that police don't record interviews is that nothing requires them to record any exculpatory statements, hence they are perfectly allowed to write only inculpatory information.


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There are no interviews. It's called interrogation.


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Thank you. I did bring that up. Probably not in the correct procedure, but I pointed out that the officer can not legally use that statement in the trial because it was simply hearsay. They did not seem to have any respect for me or for the truth or the law itself really. It was all a self serving exercize