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He doesn't have to. There is no election law that requires him to do so. I wouldn't do it either, very few "common" American's care what's in his tax returns. It will just give cannon fodder to the new media who will pay accountants to go through them line by line in an effort to find some sort of dirt they can use to slander him. Additionally, given the enormity of Trumps organization, you're probably looking at a warehouse full of documents for "full" disclosure. If he does release them I hope he only releases them in printed form with the documents in no particular order. IE: A well shuffled deck. Would take decades to sort through...LOL


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Plz. As I said on my comment to the post, he could be lying about how rich he is or has shady dealings with 'donations'.

It's like you goyim think that Drumpfstein is perfect and has done nothing shady. He's a fucking Jew York Shitty business man. You tell me.

Keep being delusional.


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Okay whatever. Believe whatever you like, doesn't matter to me.


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it isn't an issue in the slightest. I see you vomited many unfounded accusations in your post there, care to actually provide a source? Being the pro-Hillary supporter that you are, why are you so concerned about it? Other than your bigoted hatred for white people, america, and Christians.


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It is an issue. Why won't he? Because he has shit to hide. That's why.


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it is an issue

without explanation and with assumption of impropriety. Why do liberals like yourself even care? you just vote for the candidate with the most gibsmedat.


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Tax returns mean nothing to me. Medical records on the other hand...


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Because he's either not as rich as he claims or he's done some shady shit with regards to donating.

Face it, pro-Trump shills, he has a ton to hide which is why he won't do it.

What's fucking hilarious is that he attempts to get Obongo to show his BC, yet he won't release his tax returns?

All of you Trumpets on his nuts think he's perfect and can do no wrong.

He's an elite, the Jews have dirt on him.

Courtesy of Amalek:

Now the the pictures I'm about to show you deserve the extra scrutiny because of this quote made by Donald Trump.


Trump gropes Ivanka and looks at her breasts.


Teen (16-17) Ivanka sits on Trump's lap.


You tell me this is normal behaviour?


Now aside from the look on Trump's face and the quotes he's made about Ivanka, this picture is pretty innocent looking.


There's definitely something going on between Trump and Ivanka, and I believe that Trump is a child molester, and that's how the Zionists control him. They found out about it and are blackmailing him.

I know that nobody wants to hear this because we've all been banking on him and we've been conditioned to reject any negative information about him. I'm going to lay out some facts for you though. I believe they'll speak for themselves.

Hmmm... Inb4 pro-Incesters how up to defend Trumpstein.


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wtf, all of that is perfectly innocent, child-rape-defending eagleshigh. http://archive.is/rkLbu