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When I was in the army, my DS was being deployed for some mission. He picked me up from the base hospital in a van (got a massive infection so I spent a week there) on his last day to drive me back to the barracks. I said "thanks for all the stuff you've taught." He looked at me in the rear view mirror for a second, stopped the van just outside the barracks, turned around and said "shut the fuck up private, don't be a pussy."


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Good thing it wasn't a Staff Sergeant, otherwise you might have been at risk of a Staff Infection!


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I joined the military by choice. I had an uncle I'm SF and I wanted to be just like him. Even though I barely saw him, due to being constantly deployed, he always made time to see me when he came home.

Any ways, like I said, he was always deployed. I may have seen him once every 4 or 5 years. Same goes for his wife & kids. They only saw him every 4 or 5 years. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to speak with him before I enlisted and I'm not sure how he found out I joined. My guess is my aunt told him.

About 2 weeks into basic, after we were done for the day, I get called to the DI's office. My DI was a tall, intimidating fellow. My heart is thumping. I walk into his office and he's sitting at his desk. He glares at me for what seemed like an eternity. Without diverting his eyes, he reaches into his desk and pulls out a picture frame. He's hands it to me. It's a photo of his old unit. He asks me if I recognize anyone. I did. It was a photo of my uncle. Nervously I acknowledge that I recognize my uncle. As I look at him, he has a shit eating grin on his face. He asks if I recognize anyone else. I look at the photo for a moment longer when it hit me...... He was standing right next to my uncle.

Although I wish I had, I didn't ask how he knew I was related to a man he served with. I honestly stood there confused and nervous. He leans forward and says "I'm going to ride you like toilet seat. Don't fuck up!" He stood up, took the photo from me and told me to carry on.

From that day forward, I didn't say shit. I did what I was told, regardless how I felt about it. As difficult as he was on me, I never had to pull fire duty or KP duty.

I think I'm going to call my uncle and ask him how he found out where I was and who my DI was.


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Lmao Holy fuck dude! https://sli.mg/a/LscoqF


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God I hope these are real. That's fucking great!


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That's fucking hilarious. If my son ever decided to follow in my footsteps, you best believe I'm doing this!!!!!


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Just like you don't fuck with old man strength, you don't necessarily question where they get their intel. If it's appropriate, it will come out at the right time. ;)

At ease.


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this looks like top class reading. I should have joined the army, in the UK. I love the drill instructor from Full Metal Jacket, especially as he replaced the actor - so was the real deal.

if you guys never seen this , you got to, Chuck Norris Round House Kick cadence.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMZ1UQnIfnM


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Aaaahahahaha made my day bro


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What is the book?


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Awesome shit my drill sergeant said - Dan Caddy.