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Nixon didn't have a sitting President covering up for him and praising/endorsing him every chance he got. The media also reported it. What hillary has done over the decades is far far worse than anything we have ever seen before in our nations history. The fact that she is parading around like this, while we know is ridiculous. Not only has she committed so many crimes and wrong-doings, that sort of behavior is praised by the sitting POTUS. Shameful.


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With Nixon, the most he got from the previous administration was a pardon after he stepped down, and even that much made Ford a fairly unpopular President.

Now, with legalized propaganda and the DNC literally running all the major left-wing media from behind the scenes (not to mention Fox being pretty distinctly anti-Trump until Trump brought them to heel), what once was considered a sin so egregious that even being associated with it would taint your reputation enough to force you out of the highest office in the land is now just a run-of-the-mill daily occurrence in the eyes of the establishment politicians.

It's long past time to kick all the corrupted officials and would-be tyrants out of modern politics.


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Fuck Hillary Clinton


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I was an 8 year old child when that happen. I remember watching Nixon resign on our black and white TV on channel 3, the only channel we could get. My parents were very upset and my mother cried. I remember being angry because it hurt my parents so deeply, so I flipped him the bird point blank, my finger so close to the TV I could feel the static electricity charge from the picture tube. I was scolded instead of a switch taken to my backside as the norm would have been for such an action.

It was all such a deep wounding act of betrayal, there wasn't the deep partisan divide like we see today. No matter who the President was, it was a great honor to be POTUS, it was unthinkable that the position would be soiled. It was like a piece of fine heirloom china that had been in the family for generations, handed down with loving care, had been dashed with a cold disdain for the family by a trusted family member.

It was the end of an age of honor and innocence. We've never been the same since that day. Then as a constant parade of disappointments, some greater than others, but recently each seeking to out do each other in a race to the bottom, we've reached these shameful days. If we could have looked forward to these times through some magical means, I think we'd have collectively died of shame.

We've fallen so far.


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My feelings exactly, and have mentioned this myself - LOL. No hypocrisy there /s ... and that was over a bunch of goons breaking into the DNC headquarters. Nowadays, we know of so many more dirty tricks done by the DNC from the emails that have been disclosed/hacked, including blatant voter fraud, etc.


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Imagine what we don't know.


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Now imagine the US learning about what we don't know. And then imagine everyone still not giving two fucking flying shits about it all : /


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Imagine what those goons might have found out if they weren't caught


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This whole Clinton Scenario has multiplied our national integrity by zero. I have lost faith in a bright future for the U.S. I am flabbergasted by the amount of complacency of the American People from what is obvious corruption and tyranny.

God Save Us.


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Which God?

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never mind about that impeachment thing. It was nothing


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The media didn't paint Nixon as a victim of the controversy surrounding the deletion of the tapes.


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Did Nixon have a history of being caught committing major crimes for decades before the Watergate scandal?


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actually, yes. He always had the slimeyness of a used car salesman to him


Tricky Dicky may refer to one of the following:

  • US President Richard Nixon, as a derogatory nickname with origins in the United States Senate election in California, 1950


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