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  1. A county clerk, field registrar, employee of a voter registration agency or person assisting a voter pursuant to subsection 13 of NRS 293.5235 shall not:

(a) Solicit a vote for or against a particular question or candidate;

(b) Speak to a voter on the subject of marking his or her ballot for or against a particular question or candidate; or

(c) Distribute any petition or other material concerning a candidate or question which will be on the ballot for the ensuing election, while registering an elector.


Close up of the handout

Edited; found a better quality pic.


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Thanks for tracking down the legal citation.

Based on the regulation, this woman is supposed to forward the applications to the county clerk within 10 days. It would not surprise me if she intended to "lose" applications of those she suspected of leaning toward Trump. The people expecting to vote for Trump might not know they weren't officially registered until they showed up on election day and their name didn't appear on the voter rolls. If this woman was from another state as the video implies, it would be hard to track her down, let alone prosecute her.


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You filming mate?


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Nope, just stumbled across it, saw it didn't have many views and was new (yesterday) so I thought I'd share. It's so blatantly ridiculous; she fuckin' knows what she's doing.