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I have no idea why @HenryCorp seems to be so disliked.


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Long story short: Voat is all about free speech, to the point where the site motto is literally "Have your say". HenryCorp and his actions show that he doesn't understand that, and wants to treat the site and its users like a simple Reddit clone.

Moderators in most subverses tend to operate on a very hands-off style of approach, only banning blatant spam accounts, almost always giving a very clear explanation for why a submission was deleted (and what changes the user can make to let it be resubmitted with no problems the second time around), and non-spam comments being left almost untouched across the board regardless of what people said. Circlejerk subverses like FatPeopleHate (FPH) are the exception to this trend, since a circlejerk would quickly fall apart if it became filled with active dissenters, but they clearly state as much in the subverse's sidebar rules, and enforce the policy equally against all the people who violate the rules.

Compare that sitewide policy to the modlogs on the subverses that HenryCorp runs (you can always view a subverse's modlogs by just clicking the appropriate links at the bottom of the sidebar), with no visible rules on any of the 10 subverses (he has actively tried to get more under his control, notably by filing for a new subverse request at the same time that he filed to transfer one of his other 10 subverses so that an alt account could be the new Level 1 moderator), but the "deleted submissions" and "deleted comments" lists are filled with every kind of post and argument that doesn't support HenryCorp's stated beliefs (as can be seen by the kinds of posts he spams both here and on Reddit) and every subverse he moderates has a "banned user" list who is longer than the same list on 99.9% of the subverses here.

Many Voat users came from Reddit originally, but left at some point because they were fed up with the power-moderators dictating what kind of stories they could see and the admins silencing anyone who would make their site seem less valuable to advertisers (Atko started making Voat in his spare time when he heard about r/technology automatically censoring any story with the word "Tesla" in it, one of the biggest population surges here happened when the admins broke their older promise of keeping Reddit "a bastion of free speech" the day that FPH was banned for a few random claims of harassment and brigading even while subreddits that were actively brigading and doxxing like SRS were allowed to continue on as normal, we've experienced population booms with every time that Reddit or its moderators have made a decision that tries to silence or control the users or the information they can acquire {like Victoria being fired from her r/AMA helper position, the "privacy policy" showing signs of them grabbing way too much info, the "Pulse shooting" news blackout after it became clear that the suspect was Muslim, the redirecting links sending Redditors through an ad website, just to name a few}, etc.).

My point is: With most Voat users, we ran from censoring powermoderators (who don't really moderate their 100+ subreddits, just tune AutoModerator to their preferences and let it do the work) and fake corporate-run PR accounts, and HenryCorp represents the worst of those things trying to find a home on Voat. By making his actions known to the majority of Voat users, keeping him penned up in his self-designed "safe space" subverses, and making better alternatives to all of the subverses he currently controls, we are effectively saying to HenryCorp and everyone like him watching from afar "We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive!"

Sorry for the rant, but Voat is my home, and I'm not going to give it up so that some hippie sell-out can spam the place with his crazy blog posts until it turns into yet another Facebook clone.