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Oh well. You signed up for a fantasy role playing game didn't you?

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Don't feel bad for being taken on an emotional rollercoaster by the little shit, the fact that you felt so much for someone in a tragic situation, means you got a hell of a lot of empathy. Although you were misled, you're a pretty good human bean imo. +1


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Listen here you rat kike, the only complaint I saw from you was about you not getting the presents you were promised. What even makes you think you're entitled to one? Just cause some stranger on the internet said he would? LOL!!! How fucking stupid are you? Well you're either stupid or so much of an entitled jew cunt you feel like this person owes you a present. How about you get off your ass and get a job and earn those things you want you lazy piece of shit. That or keep begging strangers on the internet for shit.



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I had the same thought... so what if the guy spun a big fantasy story and took everyone for an emotional ride? That's what story-tellers do.

At least he wasn't actually trying to scam anyone for money.


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