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It's only a symptom of the issue. The culture that built our civilization is being abandoned, replaced by anti-values. When you raise children under those values, you end up with immature assholes that are particularly narcissistic. Combine a lack of purpose and a bizarre idea of virtue and you get SJW.


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I think it's cyclical (more like a downward spiral, really) in that all of these symptoms are a part of a negative feedback loop, each perpetuating and worsening the issue of modern western civilization.

Take Social Justice. Because of an obsession with emotions and forced/natural equality (rather than earned), we have things like freedom of speech dying (hate speech a crime), ridiculous entitlement issues (welfare, food stamps), and the oppression of innocent/hard-working/non-hateful people for the sake of raising less hard-working, more hateful/entitled people. For fear of raising children "incorrectly" we have parents who convince their children that they are "gender fluid"--that gender is "their choice". There is a lack of proper discipline because parents are afraid of being called hateful or abusive. How many parents do you think spank their kids nowadays? Is it any wonder there is such disrespect, entitlement, and crime? Kids grow up thinking the world is theirs and they can get away with anything, so they grow up and become criminals. This results in entire generations growing up with corrupted world-views (the world owes them a living), and these people go on to perpetuate/reinforce/make Social Justice even more ridiculous. Cycle worsens.


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Parents are overly protective of their kids because they don't want to be parents, they want to be friends. A whole generation of 'stranger danger' combined with the hyper mobility as a necessity for jobs has left a generation completely devoid of friends. The only ones they have are the ones they spawn themselves and they cling to those relationships too tightly to risk jeopardizing them with discipline. Thus kids grow up to be spoiled brats.

Look for the prime cause. Helicopter parents aren't some fad that happened entirely out of the blue.


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If you spank children these days it can alter their med cycle as pills fall out.


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On a family vacation. My sister and her kids and me and mine. She asked me how I got my children to listen to me so well. I said I spank them.

She said she tried but felt guilty about it. Guess who's kid was a fucking heathen all weekend and made everyone miserable?


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I thought violent crime was on a downward trend for the past couple decades.

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To be fair, I was intentionally vague as I wanted to give OP a trail to follow if he truly want an answer to his question. In this context, "anti-values" does the job perfectly.

On the other hand, I have to admit that I'm not confident enough to affirm what those "anti-values" are. Think of it like Plato's cave allegory: how can you know which values are regressive if they're all you know?

For an example, we lost honor, integrity and self-reliance to comfort, conformity, obedience and hedonism. What kind of "role model" do you get out of this?

If you look at the seven deadly sins, you see that State encourage every last one.

Yeah, such State clearly wants a population that depend on it. What I'm curious about is how that State got established in the first place. A proud People wouldn't tolerate being treated like children in the first place. Once it is established, it'll bring society into a free fall.


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Ironically, I think that the current crop of SJWs are going to be the primary cause of ultra-nationalistic fascist taking control. People en mass have a tendency to over-correct.


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Don't fall into that trap. The far left sees even vanilla nationalism as a great danger to their survival so they'll go out of their way to make their opponents appear scarier than they should be. Just look at what they did with gamergate! Do you really think there's that many neo-nazis?

But you are right, they'll be their own downfall.