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Can't say I blame you on that one. That is a straight forward, easily identifiable question. Sharing classified information with someone who's not cleared is what Petraeus was convicted of.


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She's very evasive. Also, has anyone else noticed how much gold she has on? She has a thick gold bracelet on, a gold watch, a couple of gold rings, a gold chain around her neck and two fat gold earings. Even Mr T doesn't wear that much bling.


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I learned a lot from a sales guy I worked with. We went to visit a client in Chicago - they were a truck parts wholesale buying group; all the execs were former truckers. I was waiting for my boss (sales guy) to pick me up at the airport, and he finally showed up in a Ford pickup. When I got in he apologized for the delay, but he had to get a different car at the rental place.

"You asked for a pickup?" I asked, startled.
"Of course" he replied, "we're going to visit an American truck parts group. I'm going to show up driving an American truck."

I know this sounds cheesy as hell, but in the years since I have absolutely seen indications that this kind of thing really makes a difference. Customers may not realize they notice, but they do.

Anyway, the thing that reminded me of him - he also pointed out to me on one trip that he never wears his rolex to meet with them - when blue collar guys are paying your bills, you don't wear Armani suits and a ten-thousand-dollar watch.

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