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You can't deny that with a name like Environment or Linux that creating a competing sub against it is going to be a very difficult task given how people naturally search and find things on the web.

Right, that's the problem. You can't easily let users vote out a mod because then groups like SRS would use it to take over legitimate subs they disagree with, but what if there were a less potentially destructive action users could take? How about a slot or two for "Suggested alternative subs" at the top of every sub, which are entirely democratic and outside the control of the mods? So if you ever start turning /v/linux into a linux hate sub, your users could vote in /v/betterLinux or whatever as the alternative. Users who agree with you can stay, and those who don't will see the "official" alternative at the top, along with maybe a short description for why it exists, and be able to move over en masse, greatly undercutting the power of big subs to continue on because smaller subs can't organize and can't advertise their existence on the old sub without getting their comments deleted. It wouldn't matter if SRS or trolls voted in stupid alternatives because no one would switch. You could operate an unpopular sub and not have it usurped, but if you genuinely went against your userbase, they'd have a way to organize an alternative.


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I'm struggling to get past the idea that the community owns the sub and it's the mod who wants the change who should move but I really like this idea. It solves a lot of things.