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THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! I have always made a point to throw around "faggot" as liberally as I can. Ya faggots! We have to keep doing this. It will deter some faggots and it will out the rest. It's harder for them to hide if we are constantly baiting them. Plus, as long as this is common practice, they won't want to be associated with voat, and they'll give up. Remember, your average redditor does it for style and popularity. It's an image thing. If voat is a place where everyone says faggot and nigger all the time, they won''t be proud to be associated with it.


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There are now more faggots than there is universe. WHY do you guys always make me do this shit?


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The white fags probably like us more than you think. The regressives have made it pretty clear that they've served their purpose and would rather protect sandniggers that would kill them and we wouldn't be the first to call them fags. Let them join us, if anything we're the ones that will actually stand up for them