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[–] TelescopiumHerscheli 14 points -10 points (+4|-14) ago 

So basically all the experts didn't want it, and all the stupid people who didn't work hard enough at school to get better jobs wanted it.


[–] ihunt 3 points 14 points (+17|-3) ago  (edited ago)

Yeah the stupid person who probably built your house or whatever building your sitting in, or the stupid person delivering shit to your home, or the stupid person working on the farm growing your vegetables and your meat. The stupid people who actually have to deal with Islamists on a daily basis because they don't have the luxury of sitting in their isolated ivory towers.

Get over yourself.


[–] RainbowShyRarity 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

You realise of course that a lot of builders in the UK are immigrants? A lot of delivery drivers as well. Vegetable picking is seasonal migratory work usually done by, you guessed it, migrant workers because they're happy to do that job that British people wouldn't touch because it lasts for a couple of months then you have to move somewhere else to do it with a different crop. You think all those migrant workers voted to take us out of a free travel zone?

The reason these jobs are often taken by immigrants is solely because a lot of the British working class are on the whole lazy cunts who can't get a job over someone who doesn't speak English and has no connections, and I say this as a working class person who lives in a deprived pit village, not an ivory tower. They don't get these jobs because they take less pay or anything, which is a common misconception, because the EU sets quite strict rules regarding minimum wage, however now we have left the EU whatever government is in charge can slash the minimum wage to virtually nothing and trust me, even Farage will quite happily do that and then open the gates to any migrant who is happy to do cleaning for £3 an hour because it will benefit him as his cleaner will be cheaper. The Leave side has already proven themselves to have lied about virtually everything, and they have no interest in curbing migration as a lot of them are the Elites you rail against who benefit massively from migrant labour, including Islamic migrants some of whom hold less than savoury beliefs.

And they are stupid if they honestly believe they deal with genuine islamists (i.e actual bone-fide terrorists or those who really uphold sharia law) and not just regular muslims, on a daily basis. And for the record I'm in no way a fan of Islam, I honestly think of all religions that one has the least right to be adhered to in a 21st century society due to it's barbaric treatment but the fact is we're a 21st century society and that comes with the freedom to follow whatever beliefs one wants.


[–] TelescopiumHerscheli 6 points -4 points (+2|-6) ago 

I live in an Edwardian terrace, and I rather doubt the people who built it are still alive! The last thing delivered to this house (other than mail) was a pizza, which was delivered by someone who was probably from South America. The most recent vegetables I bought were baby corn, which came from Kenya. The most recent English vegetables were some beans, which came from Lincolnshire, and so probably came from a farm where the workers are all Poles and Lithuanians. There are unemployed English people in Lincolnshire, I know, but apparently they'd rather sit claiming unemployment benefit than getting out and doing some work. Their unemployment benefit is paid for, in part, by taxes on all those rich bankers who are about to lose their jobs, and all those hard-working foreigners who've moved here and pay their taxes here.

As for Muslims, I generally have a few in every class I teach. They tend to work hard and go on to get good jobs, and on average they're better at getting their homework done than the Brits.


[–] Fire_Dancer 9 points -4 points (+5|-9) ago 

None of that means they are capable of making informed political decisions.