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There is no good reason to believe the Holocaust didn't happen.

There's lots of good reasons to believe it. Which facet of the holocaust do you believe, and what makes you believe it?

Who benefits from pretending millions of Jews were murdered?


Who paid for all the fake prison camps?

Prison camps existed. Nobody's arguing that.

Who arranged and coordinated all of Germany to fake killing people instead of just killing people?

Nobody. Most Germans didn't know a thing about it. Why? Because it didn't fucking happen. The few that admitted to it were tortured beforehand, and their admissions were pure absurdity.

So on one hand we have your doubt and on the other hand we have hundreds of eye witness testimony.

No, you don't even have that.

Mmmmmm. Tough call!

Not really. Go ahead. Which part of the holocaust do you think actually happened? The poisoning? The 6 million? The furnace? The Showers?

Go for it.