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Okay, I'm not with FPH but that's just wrong. I really hope there's some medical backstory that explains this, but there probably isn't.

I guess you don't need to be skinny to understand the ministry of health, but this is seriously weird. This is like an obese chef, just not a good look.

Edit: There is a good side to this lady

As Minister for Immigration in the last Belgian government she was praised for slashing the number of asylum requests by almost half, from 27,000 per year to 15,000.

She was unmoved by hunger strikes and sent in the police to end them and to ensure that expulsion orders were carried out.

I'm not linking the crappy website that came from. Oh and she is a physician. I guess that gives her some points at least. She really needs to look after her own health though, hopefully she already is making changes.


[–] The_Cat 4 points 33 points (+37|-4) ago  (edited ago)

Actually she's an extremely capable minister of health (and a very capable politician overall) who has done a lot of good over the past few years. Currently, she's pushing for affordable mental health care and has cracked down on prescription fraud. She's also mentioned that she's given up on trying to lose weight.

Source: I'm Belgian.


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That's the impression I've been getting. But, why has she given up on trying to lose weight? That's a bit sad.

Sounds like my Auntie. Very experienced mental health nurse, devotes her whole life to the job, but she's obese, lonely and sometimes she says she wants to just die. It's awful.


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If cut back on cupcakes each day...


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What do you meannn?! Fat Chefs are the best!


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Not saying they aren't good, just saying I wouldn't want to be one.


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I like this guy's explanation that all meaningful science into obesity stopped after WW2 when the Americans took the reigns from the Austrians.

He has this great comparison, too: Imagine if we'd been wrong about how to stop the spread of HIV: the infection rates would skyrocket and people would wonder why the advice isn't working. Yet the obesity rate does skyrocket and the people don't wonder why that is. Pushy government bureaucrats continue to pretend they have been giving the best advice even though it is clearly not working.

Yet another reason not to outsource personal responsibility to the government.