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There's plenty of us around here that hate both parties with the same fervor. Its just that this time around the democratic party made a particularly poor choice. The way I see it, hillary guarantees the same slow decline and erosion of rights we've seen for years, and trump is either going to fix the country or burn it down in the process. I'm not a fan of either of these options.

I highly encourage everyone out there to vote independent if they don't like their two main options. If it becomes a somewhat normal to see 15-20% of votes going to non-2 party candidates, it might help end the bandwagon effect and the dumb "throwing your vote away" argument that keeps our country in the hands of the political and financial elites.


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I am also on this train. I'm not pro-Donald either but I am anti-morons-who-mindlessly-make-claims-with-no-evidence. Which I believe sums up about 95% of his opposition. A.k.a. the "He a racist! He a sexist!" people.


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While I fully intend to write in Bernie or Gary Johnson, be aware our 2-party system unfolded for a reason. I strongly recommend this video - Basically even if the election was actually conducted in a fair manner, the process is still flawed and encourages consolidating your vote against your enemies, instead of encouraging you to vote for who you really want.