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I never thought I'd say this, but we have to protect those we hate. Even the /v/niggers people.


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Protecting speech is always the correct way.

The easiest way to get people stop listening to an idiot is to let them speak.

Whether you agree with someone or not, censorship is not the answer. If you want to refute them, explain why they are wrong.


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How? The top mod is letting this happen. The whole place would have to be given, by the admins, to someone else.

As of right now, v/Coonshire is the alternative. Getting our sub back would be better, but I can't imagine the admins giving it to the right person (probably me, but there are others who could do the job as well).


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I'm not for /v/niggers but I say no alternitives. The main one needs to be run as it's users would like it to run. The extraneous one can be run however. We should be clear that non-major subs can have "mod abuse."

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"The characteristic of a well-bred man is to converse with his inferiors without insolence, and with his superiors with respect and with ease." - The Earl of Chesterfield, 1748


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Rally the troops

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