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Mods overs 200 subs at reddit.

They include:




























And many others. Flagrant and public conflict of interest. How could you trust the guy shilling gmos, the guy keeping gmos in check, and the guy overseeing the golden rice discussion to all be the same guy and all be impartial?

The guy overseeing the sale of seeds and telling you to eat GMOs also keeps an honest tally of GMO deaths? And they also fuck around all day at the circle jerk sub for it?

Obviously this person wants (or is paid to) to control the conversation, from all angles, not just their personal one they believe in. And GMOs arent' their only interest, Hillary in politics and guns out there in the discussion are others. Their foray here from what I'm seeing was try to smear us like a preschooler would.

What a pathetic piece of shit. I highly doubt that pays good and just picture the kind of person who would gladly do shit like this all day; also they are not fucking clever, how about you get some (well, more) alts, being transparent at shilling is being a bad shill.


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It's THAT guy? Even leddit hates that fag.