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"This subverse is a catch-all subverse. If you don't want to classify your submission or don't care about where it belongs, post it here. Anything goes."

This place should be more like /b/. I'm tired of you negative nellies and you whiners. Lighten up ffs.


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We DO do cats in /v/aww though. I used to think @nogarbagetrashonly's memes were horrid but now they make me laugh. He's won me over I'm afraid. Edit: Oh dear. I've confused him with @Engrish_is_hard. So sorry.


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Looks like someone is riding their highhorse trying to tell others what to do.

Back to reddit withya.


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Fine if you want to be like Reddit then go ahead and make memes and voat on the comments that are the best pun.

Post pictures of cats. Who cares. Just try to have the indecency to post it on Imgur to complete the Reddit Jerkoff Circle.


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Someone's butthurt bad, I'll call you a WAAAAHmbulance.