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You're right, a shitton of folks still surf both, myself included, and no one is asking that anyone choose one over the other. That said, it's just nice to keep the Reddit stuff in one place like v/MeanwhileOnReddit; it's how many here have moved on from Reddit and it has allowed Voat to become Voat sans the "old girlfriend" talk.

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It does take some getting used to, but give it time :)

I can tell you that this sub, v/whatever, truly is a catchall with zero moderation. If it doesn't fit v/technology or v/news or any other sub that's out there, THIS is the sub to put it in. Otherwise, a lot of the subs here are similar to over there.

The big subs, like those I just mentioned, have "some" rules that are community approved. The premise of Voat is that the COMMUNITY curates the content, not the Mods; that's part of why you're encouraged to use your upvoats if you like content and your downvoats if something is spam or doesn't contribute. You will see little in the way of deletions on the big subs here, unless of course it's blatant junk.

Edit, to add: Some new folks might find this post helpful, albeit a bit dated:


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Yep, we know the problem and that's one reason why we are asking people to catagorize. There are some habits of voat that we want to encourage (like not filling suberses with a list of 11+ rules, we would prefer zero if possible), and others that are habits we are trying to break (poor categorization).

One problem is /v/whatever. We aren't getting rid of it because it does 5x more good than harm but there was a time when this site went from a over 100 active subverses and then turned into a 4 subverse site with everything going to whatever, politics, videos, funny. It happened really quickly. It was around the time when the ability to downvote became more common than not common (there was a long period when 90% of us couldn't downvote. We were fending off brigades.). Since the subverse die off we've started branching out again but we want the new people to know we need help with that. Spread out as much as you can and if you have the energy revive a subverse. Go to /v/all and find a subverse less used than the others and post more.

If you hit the random button on the top you can see evidence of the great subverse die off from last year. It's like voat geology. Every one of those subs was kickin. Most of those though aren't worth saving because you can't start a community of one. Help the places less traveled but still traveled.