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If they dont do a little investigation on subverse transfers they will open it up more easily to shills/etc thugh.


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But they're pretty damn tough about it. I've seen complaints before, and I was rejected an old news sub that had been dead for a year.

Kinda annoying. I woulda tried to revitalize it. It was during that whole v/news u/she thing. I posted in the dead sub a few times, commented in long gone user's posts.

A month later, after I'd all but forgotten the request, putitout tells me no. To be fair, he explained I needed to post in there more, yada yada. By that time, other news subs had taken off and I didn't really bother to keep at it. Seemed... trivial. Especially when there's a huge chance it would never catch on.

Edit: wouldn't a rule change go a long way, like 'no modding a sub until youve been here two months.' Or howabout: 'no sub will be granted to a new moderator unless he's been subbed for 2 months.'

It just seems like there shoukd be more user input when considering who to give mod powers. For instance, in my case. The sub was longggg dead, voat was having a news sub problem, I had been a few months or more, I would've gladly answered a few questions and let system be a mod as well for a bit? Throwing some ideas out there.