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I think this is why the subverse transfer is so slow. Trying to prevent some idiot from using multiples to get accounts to then consolidate. Power mods gotta come from somewhere, and we've seen what they can do.


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I don't understand the connection.

There's a bunch of really fresh accounts spouting spam and nonsense, and that explains why the site is so slow at granting users mod powers on a sub?

Even with the rules in place, having to submit to the sub often enough, and waiting on putitout (maybe they have more ppl on it?) to grant access?

I get where you're coming from, I love our site admins, but this is the one thing that kinda bugs me. Let ppl grow/revive dead subs!

Edit: Maybe a rule like 'you must of subbed to the requested subverse for two months before asking?' Or just have been active on the site for two months?

As for power mods, idk how to keep them at bay


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If they dont do a little investigation on subverse transfers they will open it up more easily to shills/etc thugh.

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I think he means one person using multiple alts to get ahold of multiple subs and then control them reddit style.