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There should probably be a category of "interests" with a subcategory of "hobbies". Books, Cars, Lego, movies, music, Sports,Tabletop games, Video & TV, Fallout, Gaming, Hacking, pokemon, Cosmetics, Firearms, gardening, and needlecraft are all interests and hobbies, they would probably fit a lot better in a different section. For example, /v/fountainpens has no place to go and no other pen subs are active. It also does not really fit with writing subs because they are a "lifestyle" and actual writers do not really use fountain pens. They are more for hobbyists to have fun using and collectors to collect, but one sub doesn't really fit in with lifestyles since all the other entries have multiple subentries.

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I'm currently reorganizing the supercategories. A separate category/thread for "Niche Hobbies" (like /v/fountainpens as you mentioned), would be a great add, but it needs some subverses to get it going.

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It could fit into hobbies as a separate sub for now since it is pretty active, the only other hobby subs that I know of not listed are Watches and aquariums/planted tanks but neither of those are very active

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That means we should combine some of the smaller categories into a separate 'Interests' category with a separate thread for Hobbies? Sounds like a plan to me. I can start the Hobbies thread if I can get enough subverses for it initially.

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Dubbelnougat - I happened to be in here (I'm updating the sidebar in v/introductions) and I wanted to make sure to say THANK YOU for creating this catalog. I cannot tell you how many times I've referred new users to this when I pop in to welcome them. Thank you for making this and for keeping it updated =D

Speaking of updates, I came across this updated/new post on alternative image hosts and thought you might like to update that in your Meta linky, https://voat.co/v/VoatUserGroup/comments/1149212

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Thank you for the kind words. It's good to see people make use of something useful you've made.

Also the list you linked is helpful, but it doesn't really document the subverses more than it does so for the links, so using it to update the list under Meta will involve some shooting in the dark to see which one of those services do have subverses and which ones doesn't.

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You're welcome - all deserved!

I might have some time today (or in the next day or so) to cross check which of those image hosting sites have subverses and get back to you.

For an update, or more of a deletion really, in Meta, under Hosting, I do know that v/veuwer is gone and has been absorbed by v/SLimg. And I wonder if you can delete any of the prior incarnations of SLimg (i.e., v/slimgur and v/slimgr) to prevent confusion :)

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I recently created a subverse ... v/ComedyRetro ... a subverse designed share to vintage comedy, comedians, humor, et al, of the past millennium, the 20th Century. I didn't see a comedy or humor type category. I would think it would fall somewhere under Entertainment. At any rate, could you please add my subverse to your lists where it may fit. That's ... v/ComedyRetro ... thanks!

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I can't think of any list it would directly fit to, so will add under Uncategorized for now.

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Well done on this

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Adding under Videos

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Can somebody add the Linux sub to the technology list?

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Technology is a category consisting of categories (metacategory). Linux subverses are currently under the "Programming and computing" category. Do you feel they'd need their own one?

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No, I just noticed Apple and Microsoft were there so I thought "Hey, what about Linux?"

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You know it would be cool if an actual catalog was built into a voat app. I wish I could talk with Atko formally, dang. lol. We have goat.video, we need to get an official app going on, put that and vocatalog in it. Do ittttt!

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We just need some Voat mobile app to support tables.

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Right now theres more than one voatapp, I guess anyone could make one, and it doesnt matter if there is an official app. Should talk to some of the app creators and see if we can ask them about it. Each app kinda has a few pros and cons.

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a.k.a Uncategorized, will add.

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