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The way I look at it you can either handle the anxiety or you can't. You sound like the kind of person who can't. Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling you weak and I'm not saying that from your perspective anything feels particularly stressful right now nor that it for sure will get stressful, but just listening to you worry make me think you're headed down a hard path in the long term. Have you ever thought about taking up a hobby with no risk associated with it? I like Latin. Just think it over, mmkay?

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I don't want to handle the stress. I want to eliminate the need for stress, and i'm asking for technical solutions on how to do it. You can be anonymous, its just a question of how, and how much money.

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No, you can't be anonymous. You can be semi-anonymous to varying degrees depending on how much time, effort, learning, and money you have and are willing spend. You are already semi-anonymous and you have thought of one way that can increase your level of anonymity but there are other ways which haven't yet occurred to you, but may eventually as you continue down this path. Each time you discover an improvement you have the option option of implementing it, but each time it will come at a cost of time, effort, learning, and money. The sky's the limit to the efforts you can take. The problem is that nothing is fool proof against a dedicated adversary with state level resources. I'm not trying to discourage you, but you're trying to solve an as of yet theoretically impossible problem to solve. Just one quick example; what if your proxy is secretly run by your enemy or is compromised by them? Then by the very act of trying to be more anonymous, you have actually made yourself less anonymous. In any case, best of luck trying to hide from the boogie man. He's real and he's out there. The question is simply whether he's looking for you. Just give up and live a good simple life and you won't need to worry so much anymore, lol! Or don't. The world does sometimes need people with convictions to do what's right. Again, best of luck to you regardless.

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Pretty sure all matters of legality fall back on United States law, where Voat is based. Probably Delaware if state specifics matter (I think that's where Voat is based).

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But...as i have explained, the legality is difficult to determine, and certain judges have started interpreting laws their own way. Also, there is the question of does voat hand over logs if the fuzz demands it.

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I think the "fuzz" asking for such information would kill Voat's Canary. Which is why it would be nice if the Canary were updated every however so many days, so we would theoretically know if such requests had been made (if I may put some faith in canaries for a moment). As it is, such a request might have been made 2 months ago, where the Canary was only updated three months ago, and we would not know.

My suspicion is that if Voat is ever forced to provide information that might endanger the users, Voat would just let Voat die. I think for now no such requests as you name are being made.

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Works like a nigger. Not well.

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I can handle broken. As long as it doens't work like a cryptojew.

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Don’t be a retard to begin with and don’t tie anything personal to your Voat account, dummy.

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I don't do that anyway. But if govt gets your public IP and ISP, they could get a court order to force your ISP to reveal who their client(you) is.

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Not if you have a vpn and all your isp can see is a connection to said vpn.

Personally, I’ve been using PIA for 4-5 years now and it does what it’s supposed to do. They were even tested in a court of law and basically said fuck you I’m not helping.

Whoever you go with, make sure they don’t log and youre able to pay with cryptocurrency (because credit cards lead back to you).

Since you can’t buy bitcoin without cc info, I recommend you buy the bitcoins and transfer it to an offline wallet via a bitcoin mixer (fees may apply), and pay via the offline wallet.

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You need to use a VPN if you want any protections in this day and age. Everyone is watching you.

We do hash IPs to try to provide some sort of alt abuse protections but they are useless and will be removed at a later date.

I think we save the IP last used to log in an account because it was another very early anti-spam control measure from the whoaverse days. We have no code that uses that field currently.

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OK thanks. This thread will soon self destruct.